Monday, 11 August 2008

Dinner at Yuzu Restaurant

While most people I know rushed back early in order to catch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Friday, we had a nice dinner out instead. Decided to give Zaini and Raimie a treat and we had dinner at a rather posh restaurant - Yuzu Japanese Restaurant.

Love the ambiance and we got a table right by the window. Nice (even if the scenery outside was not that nice) :D

The staff were attentive, but I wish they gave us more time to decide on what to order. I always get flustered when they breath down my neck.

Service was fast and in less than 10 minutes, we got all our orders on the table.

My hotate tama don. It was a tad too sweet for my taste

Zaini's unadon. I think it was good since I didn't even had the chance to nick some of his unagi!

Our Ginmutsu tofu nabe. It was nice and light, but I wish I had sukiyaki instead

By virtue of my charming personality (hehehe), we had this on the house. I love anything & everything complimentary. :D

Raimie had anmitsu for desserts but Zaini didn't order his green tea ice cream this time. Maybe next time. :-) (Next time, I'm ordering the sushi set!)

Just one BIG complain, the staff never bothered to refill our green tea!


  1. That looks like a very yummy dinner! Glad to see there's some unadon in there too :)

  2. Kenape tah i mmg takut nak try Japanese restaurant kat Mesia sbb takut xsedap. Ngeri ooo sbb pernah terkena dulu. So far restaurant mana yg rase paling dekat ngan rase kat Jepun?

  3. @Melanie,
    Yeah, but it's hubby's and he won't let neear his unadon!

    Kalo compare ngan kat sana, still takleh compare. But Yuzu ni OKlah... hehehe memang banyak yg menguciwakan tapi sebab gian... Sushi King pun layan. :D
    Hubby suka Yogoya. Japanese buffet.

  4. Nice place Lina. Whereabout is this? Hmm..they shld always refill green tea you know...shoddy service don't you think?

  5. @my bug life,
    its at Gardens Mall. Petrol expensive to travel for dinner. hihihi
    Well, they were good at first (maybe partly because the supervisor/floor manager were around). Maybe we should alert them to refill our glasses since we were seated in a secluded place but I do expect them to come around to check on us after serving all our courses.

  6. so kira dah dpt lepas gian makan japanese food la tu ye...kami biasa ke miyagi @ bangi je..sbb dekat dgn rumah..or kampachi @ bangi equatorial...

  7. @Nash,
    lepas lah sikit-sikit. Tapi makan di Jepun lebih nikmat. hehehe...

  8. So it's good food but lousy service? Well, that's better than lousy food and good service! lol

  9. @foongpc,
    yeah, I can tolerate bad service if the food is REALLY, REALLY good. But depends on my mood too. :-)

    The service was somewhat good (fast) but I guess when you have too many staff, they tend to chatter among themselves and forgot about the customers.


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