Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Flying To Japan?

Look what came in our mailbox today. A flyer from Japan Airlines for their promotional fare to Tokyo / Osaka.

Any takers? For us, we'll be paying RM1,000.00 more in total compared to our tickets bought in March. Such a big difference! Yes, I know the fuel price went up and all that, but nonetheless...

For more info, check out JAL's website.

Which reminds me not to forget to renew our JAL Family Club membership. I forgot to renew them earlier (procrastinated and it had been 5 months overdue. Heh heh). Our membership lapsed already and I needed to re-apply. Hmmm, maybe I'll wait some more and apply again next year instead.


  1. For that price, it's worth it!

  2. Heh, Isn't that how it always happens in life. You get all ready and set, then you start seeing easier routes and cheaper fares.

    Just clothes your eyes and float on, Memories > Money!

  3. @Contamination,
    ummm... Yen is high, fares high... I'll come back on this later. :D

    My most expensive ticket that I paid todate to Japan is RM2,100 and that was on our first trip! (still not good at looking for bargains that time).

    ain't that the truth. I learn to stop looking for bargains after I got my tickets booked. :-p

    I'll have to wait another year before my next trip so...

  4. lina... Nadia ada forward award.... amik kat blog ok..

  5. @Nad,
    how's mommy & baby? :-)
    tenkiu ek...

  6. I'd love to go to Japan but I think I would be intimidated since I don't know the language.

  7. Murah!!!
    Saya tgh carik ticket dr Msia to Fukuoka ni. Berape ek yg paling murah u pernah jumpe? Last time I jumpe Thai Air RM2100 but that was last year...

  8. @Sara,
    don't be. I don't know much of Japanese too, but we get by just fine in Japan. :-)

    heh heh... tunggu tahun depan lah... banyak hal pulak tahun ni

    I agree Thai Airways murah but selalu tak opt for it because of the transit time. MAS fares time MAS travel fair in Feb each year quite ok, esp since the tax are not that high compared to SQ/JAL.

  9. Lina...

    mahal ooo tiket skrg ni.Kalo time single mingle dulu,naik tongkang pecah...transit berjam2 pon sanggup.Tapi bile dah ada anak2 ni...susah sket la kan

  10. @Su,
    betoi betoi. time single tadak hal sangkut kat airport, tido atas lantai batu, bawah lori. tapi dah ada anak, tak sanggup! kesian kat anak ooiii. :-D


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