Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Frozen Treats To Cope With Summer Heat

What's the average temperature in Tokyo now?


  1. What a nice treat for the polar bear! It's like having ice cream in fish and sausage flavours..hahhha.

  2. Hi, Uncle Contamination here with your Tokyo / Saitama weather report.

    It's HOT and F&%#&"G Humid right now.

    However in the evenings it is a little cooler. I am facing a constant battle against Dehydration, Sweat and Body Odour (Keeping mine down and enduring that of others)

  3. Although London is cool and gloomy right now, I feel like having an ice cream after seeing the picture... mmm...

  4. @my bug life,
    I agree with you. :-)

    thanks Uncle Contamination! I'll keep this in mind for our Aug-09 trip.

    @C K,
    me too!


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