Saturday, 2 August 2008

Going Treasure Hunting

We're up really, really early today as we're participating in a treasure hunt with the final stop at Port Dickson. Not sure whether there'll be an internet connection at the hotel, but for most of the day I won't be anywhere near a computer anyway.

I'll be back and reciprocate drops with a vengeance on Sunday night or Monday morning and update myself in reading friends' blogs. In the meantime, be nice boys and girls and visit my blog. :-)

Now, did I pack that bottle of suntan lotion?


  1. good compass n map carefully..hehe

  2. ahaks...mcm summer vacation

  3. Have fun! Go Lina and win that prize...:)

  4. @Nash, HE & My Bug Life,
    thanks for the comments. We're back today and I'll post soemthing tomorrow. Now, for some ZZZzzzzz.... XD


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