Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb Anniversary

On 6th August 1945,Hiroshima became the first city to be the target of an atomic bombing. Three days later, on the 9th, marks the anniversary of Nagasaki's bombing.

The bomb that were dropped on Hiroshima was codenamed Little Boy and Nagasaki's was Fat Man.

Were the bombings necessary? Is any war necessary? And do we learn anything from all these tragedies?

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  1. I visited the memorial/museum in Hiroshima as a child when my parents took the family to Japan..I remembered feeling so disturbed with the images of horror at the museum! I hope ppl never use a bomb on another again..many innocent lives were lost at the hands of a few indiviuals who hold the power in their hands. Couple of months ago, there was a documentary on Discovery featuring re-enactment of the A-bomb.

  2. @my bug life,
    yeah, all the images of the horror that the people suffered in the aftermath of the bombing really saddens me too.
    I don't believe anything is justified by causing so much suffering and damage to innocent lives. :-(


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