Friday, 8 August 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Mooncake Festival. Mid-Autumn falls on Sep 14 this year and one can see stalls set up in shopping complexes selling mooncakes already. For me, its all about commercialism nowadays. (Not that I'm complaining since both Zaini and I love mooncakes and we can only eat them at this time of the year!)

Got my first box of mooncakes two days ago and they were particularly interesting because one of them was a snowskin green tea mooncake and another was a cherry blossom mooncake. Mooncakes flavours are getting more and more exotic. There's even durian flavoured mooncake!

Green tea mooncakes are quite commonplace but for the cherry blossom mooncake, this is the first time I saw one. The ingredients included cherry blossoms and plum powder. Interesting, eh?
Read about the stories of Chinese Moon Festival here. But before the Mid Autumn Festival, there's the Hungry Ghost Festival (Hell's gate supposed to open come midnight Aug 15). Read all about it at EastCoastLife's blog.

The first day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar in on Aug 31 which incidentally is Malaysia's independence day.
And the first day of Ramadhan is Sep 1 this year. (psst... semua dah ganti puasa belum?) Time to step up our ibadah. Hmm... but this also has become way too commercialised. Seems like the month of Ramadhan now equals to gorging ourselves silly at hotel buffets.


  1. I enjoy seeing the many flavours they come up with everytime Mooncake festival beckons but I am not really into those cakes...find them too sweet. I only really like the egg yolk..hhhehe. The durian (made with fresh durian pulp)mooncakes are all right too. Is the cherry blossom one good?

  2. I've something (from ultrafes) for your kid and pls wait until my brother coming back to msia...hehehe

  3. @my bug life,
    I'll eat the cherry blossom mooncake this weekend. I can't finish a mooncake in one sitting. :-)
    Unlike you, I can't stand the yolks.

    ye ke? Eh... susah-susah aje. But thanks ye. :-)

  4. Oh my goodness! Mooncakes sound delicious. I have never heard of them.

  5. Hey! I've already got a box of four and we'll be having a mini celebration this weekend. Now... where's the electric lantern of mine?

  6. @Karen,
    Mooncakes are delicious but really sweet so have to be careful how much you eat them. :-)

    @C K,
    LOL. We have our battery powered Ultraman lantern, complete with obnoxious song when switched on ready. :P

  7. @lina,
    Lol, would I be surprised at all?

    I used to be contented with those 50 cents paper lanterns back then. Quite enjoyed lighting the candles actually. :)

  8. @C K,
    yeah, I remember my favourite fish shaped lantern. Cheap but we kids still have lots of fun.

  9. lina
    mai blog kita ambik hadiah ya:)

  10. I love mooncakes too especially those in snowskin. However, I only eat in moderation because 1)too expensive and not value for money, 2)too sweet and not healthy. It's such a huge money making business some people actually sell mooncakes once a year and don't work for the whole year!

  11. @foongpc,
    wow! Business is sure good for mooncakes makers, eh? That's why everyone jumps on the bandwagon nowadays - Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Haagen Dazs all sell mooncakes. :-)
    I myself never bought my own mooncakes. We usually will get tons of them from our business contacts. Save money. Hehehe


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