Sunday, 17 August 2008

I Love My Tea

I love tea, but I am no tea connoisseur. I just drink tea on daily basis and maybe a tad too much. I would drink a mug of Lipton tea (with sweet condensed milk) after lunch, followed by a teapot of Japanese tea afterwards and maybe some cold mugi cha after dinner. Now, do I drink too much tea?

For Zaini, he loves Jasmine tea. This is one tea I will not drink. Don't know why, but I just can't drink Jasmine tea. Can't stand the smell too.

Anyway, I'm still on the lookout for the best tasting Japanese tea available in Malaysian market (read: available at Jusco & Isetan). I have to say, drinking even the supermarket variety is not a cheap affair here.

The tea in the photo - that genmaicha set me back RM19 for just 10 teabags and 1 teabag is only good for 1 cup.

The one in the box is slightly cheaper at RM17 for 20 teabags and I usually use it for 2 cups.

My best Japanese tea experience so far was drinking the tea that were presents from Contamination and Akiko (she was Marriott's hotel concierge). Maybe gifts taste better? :D

I suddenly thought of chrysanthemum tea. I can find it pretty easily at night market or roadside stall when I was small, but come to think of it, it has been ages since I last drink one that is not supermarket bought.


  1. To be honest, all tea taste the same to me. I know, I know, my tastebuds are dead. :P

    Anyway, why not just leave the tea bag in the cup and just add hot water? Haha, that's probably what I'll do anyway. Oh well, but that's me!

  2. @C K,

    it'll taste bland after the 1st cup but actually I usually leave the teabag inside my cup the whole day since I'm very kiam siap one. Hehehe...

  3. I am a tea drinker and I love my tea...English, Japanese green tea, Chinese tea.

  4. I drink tea moderately but without milk. I prefer Chinese tea and of course the famous Lipton teas. But if I drink too much, I'll have problem sleeping so always in moderation.

  5. @my bug life,
    and we all have to thank China for it. :-)

    I find drinking herbal tea (I love rosebud tea) calming and relaxing before bedtime. Mamak made teh tarik definitely will keep me awake if I drink them at night though. :D
    Do you like Boh tea?

  6. Uuuuu teh bunga my fav n mmg susah nak cari. Aritu gi China n Taiwan xjumpe jugak. Maybe they dont understand me kot hehehe
    I pernah minum je kat restaurant in China. Best sgt tapi derang tak jual la plak.

  7. I love tea, especially green tea, rooibos, and yerba matte. In fact, I made a video about them:

    I Miss My Hair

  8. @farah,
    I pergi China, punyalah banyak minum teh, tapi tatau apa jenis pun...heh heh belasah aje.. tapi masa minum teh kungfu, they all remind ibu-ibu mengandung jangan minum.

    I'll check them out! :-)

  9. I drink alot of green tea and I also a fan of chocolate chai tea after supper.

  10. @Renee,
    Chocolate chai sounds delicious, I just had to look for the recipe! Never had one yet. :-)

  11. try indian tea.......indians are hardcore drinker of tea....


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