Sunday, 3 August 2008

We're Back From Port Dickson!

We're back!

It was a tiring but really fun weekend. My hats off to the hunt organizer for coming up with a fun hunt.

Flag off was at 7.30 am and we arrived PD at 4.00pm, driving through Banting, cumulating almost 200km for the one-way trip (journey using highway is about 100km by comparison). Even went to a homestay at Kampung Endah. My most memorable experience was riding a bicycle in the village, doing challenges. It was ages since I last rode one and my backside is still a bit sore from the experience.

Ate a traditional Javanese lunch there, Nasi Ambang and the village head (Ketua Kampung) even tapau'ed (packed to-go) the rice for me (ambik berkat). Hehehe... Zaini chided me for talking too much but for me it was common courtesy to talk to the hosts! :D

Arrived PD and proceeded to the last pit stop and check in at Selesa Beach Resort. Since Zaini didn't allow me to bring along my laptop, I paid RM10 for an hour of internet & computer use at the hotel lobby. Talk about addiction!

It was free & easy time until 7.00pm for dinner and prize presentation. We "won" 5th placing in the hunt and got Isetan's vouchers. Can't wait to shop at Isetan! Both our offices are nearby Isetan (Zaini's at KLCC and mine at MidValley) Cool!

5th placing is not bad (for us, anyway), especially since the top four consisted of 4 adults per team and our team consisted of me, Zaini and Raimie. Zaini did the driving and I did most of the mad scramble for clues and answers. We even won a special prize for being the only team who answered a tie-break question. There were 5 tie-break questions, and the only other team who answered another question correctly went ahead and won the hunt.

I've posted more photos in my Malay Language blog.


  1. Congrats Lina! 5th place...not bad eh..and you looked so jubilant holding onto those vouchers. Hmm..ur photo of the nasi makes me drool...lunch's about 1.5 hrs away...:)

  2. @my bug life,
    5th place - OKlah... :D (actually I can be quite competitive but Zaini reminded me to enjoy the trip and make it fun for Raimie instead of going all-out to compete). I was quite surprise we can even get 5th place! Hehehe...
    That Nasi was 1 dulang full! Imagine just three of us trying to finish them, but it was good. :-)

    It was fun and getting prizes was icing on the cake.

  3. kuah yang berminyak2 itu mmg sungguh menyelerakan..

  4. Hi Lina,

    I was the clerk-of-course for this hunt to PD. Glad to know that you had a good time at the hunt. Well done on the "swallow" tie-breaker and 5th placing.


    Michael Pang
    Treasure Hunt Clerk of Course

  5. @Michael,
    Hi, nice of you to drop by. :-)
    Yeah, it was so much fun!


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