Thursday, 4 September 2008

At The Bakery

Look what I got at the BreadTalk? A green tea an pan. The taste of green tea is very subtle and the red bean is not too sweet. A nice balance. I will definitely buy some for Zaini next time.

I think I should talk less about food this month, since it is Ramadhan and we Muslims fast during the Ramadhan month.


  1. Yummy looking bread :) And I love anything with green tea!

  2. That bread does look good. Good luck (not sure what the appropriate term to use here is) with the fasting.

  3. @MBL,

    We Muslims fast from sunrise to sun down during the Ramadhan month which is the ninth month of the Hijrah calendar.

  4. You'll just have to eat really well once the sun does go down.

  5. Oh I should look for it at BreadTalk. I love red bean. Didn't know that BreadTalk has it. I usually look for its yummy choco sticks.

    Have a great Ramadhan month to you :)

  6. @todd,
    eat as normal would suffice, I think. Though sometimes I tend to overeat because of the tempting food in front of me. :D

    Thank you. :-)

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  8. That looks delicious. I wish there were more bakeries like that in the United States. The closest thing to a Japanese style bakery near me is at the local Korean Grocery store which has a pretty yummy bakery.


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