Friday, 19 September 2008

Break Fast At Kampachi Restaurant, Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya

I called Zaini earlier today and told him about this promotion at Kampachi (since my birthday is coming in 2 days' time). I thought I might as well give him a hint where to take me for dinner.

Equatorial Bangi is not that far (I think) from our house, and we do not need to go to town - I mean, KL City Centre; and face the traffic jam. Now, I only need to show him the photos and hopefully I can cajole him in taking me there. Wish me luck!

Though I'm not saying no to an 8-course dinner at Kin No Uma Restaurant or even a shabu-shabu at Nagomi! Hint hint.

Just thought I post another photo of Kampachi, Pavillion's promotion. Yummm.

I will need to get him something nice for his birthday on Sep 23. Can't go too far for dinner since his birthday falls on a working day. (Unlike mine which falls on Sunday) :-)Ninja Jones Izakaya at Northpoint would be an option since Zaini has not been there yet. He doesn't believe me when I told him there are ninjas there. Not true ninjas, but servers dressed like a ninja. Should be fun!


  1. Hi you!
    Your Blog interesting! Welcome my blog

  2. oh tak susah nak melepaskan kempunan sushi di malaysia skrg..

  3. tq for the wishes...n kami dah pi tgk ultraman the movie...n dah ada entry on that...bye

  4. @HE,
    memang banyak pilihan, cuma makan di Jepun lebih sedap! :D

    yep, dah baca. :-)

  5. sedapnya, kempunan makan nihon syoku yg nihonpoi.


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