Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Lunch At Mizu Restaurant

Last Saturday, we ate out since earlier in the morning that day, Raimie had an Ambang Merdeka (Pre-Independence Day) program to attend. He sang in a choir and also participated in the Patriotic Singing Contest. (He didn't win , by the way. Hehehe...)

We headed off to Bangsar afterwards since we wanted to buy a bicycle for Raimie and decided to have lunch at Mizu in Bangsar Village.

The entrance of the restaurant was quite impressive, with flowing water on both the wall and floor (kind of like a stream effect - very apt to its name). To get into the restaurant, we walked on this clear fibre-glass (I guess) floor and we can see water streaming below us. Cool!

The restaurant has a sushi counter and an open kitchen, so you can enjoy watching the chefs at work.

They have a set lunch menu available that is quite reasonably priced and we ordered from the set menu. The a-la carte menu is not bad either, and not that expensive. Despite the classy ambiance, the price here are not astronomical (even quite affordable). I got pretty excited looking at the a-la carte menu as Mizu has oden available. Didn't order one, though.

The wait staffs' service was impressive too but we had to wait a bit for our food but they served an appertiser (a kind of seaweed, I think - I dunno since I didn't ask) and our chawan mushi first.

My lunch - Sanma set. All in all, I've had fresher fish than this one but for RM18, I'm not complaining that much!

Zaini's choice - Saba teriyaki set. This one priced at RM22.

The set menu also include rice, chawan mushi, miso soup, pickles and desert (a medley of fruits in coconut milk).


  1. I have heard good reviews about the food here (ala-carte) and the set menus seemed reasonably priced.

  2. 1st time tgk tghari td but tak sanggup tgk pic yg mengancam jiwa so now comment lepas berbuka hehehe
    Nnt bile blk Mesia for good bleh try mkn kat sini.

  3. Those pics look delicious. I think I'll print them out and tape them to my pizza for lunch.

  4. Hey Lina, here's wishing Malaysia a happy belated National Day. Hope that you had fun over the weekend celebrating.

    Anyway, RM 22 seems a decent price to pay for the meal. London's Japanese meals prices are horrendous in comparison. A decent meal would start at around £14, which would be around RM 133! And we're not even talking about the more exclusive restaurants.

    But Londoners love their sushi and don't mind paying £2.50 for two salmon pieces.

  5. @MBL,
    yes, the price is reasonable. :-)

    boleh boleh

    LOL. Pizza sounds nice too!

    Thanks for the wish.
    For me, everything in London is pricey!


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