Monday, 8 September 2008

Off To Terengganu

We'll be away to Terengganu for almost a week, from tomorrow. It had been four years since we last went there.

Bracing ourselves for a 6 hours journey in the car, with my father-in-law and brother-in-law in tow.

Till next week, then. Be good boys and girls and drop by my blog often and I'll reciprocate once I'm back! Tara!


  1. Oh nice to be off on holiday..:) Have a pleasant trip!

  2. hi, i have started a link in my blog called Malaysian Entrecarders, and have added your blog in the list. Can you link me back. Thank you.

    Orang Cina

  3. That sounds fun - enjoy your trip!!

  4. Enjoy yourselves! A 6 hour road trip!!? My 4 hours road trip to Melaka when I was a kid (before North South highway was constructed) still haunt me till this day... :o

  5. thanks everyone!

    Well, I'm back to my own home and online now! Nice to be away but even nicer to return.

    and I still have nightmare about the horrendous jam on the causeway to enter Singapore! hehehe (Haven't been to Singapore since 1987!)


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