Thursday, 25 September 2008

Our Birthdays Dinner at Midori, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

For our birthdays (mine was on Sep 21 and Zaini's on Sep 23), we decided to go to Midori Japanese Restaurant at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel . It was a good decision as Midori was quiet, away from the maddening buka puasa (break fast) crowds found at other outlets and hotels. Some outlets were fully booked two weeks in advance!

With just a few tables (about 15 or so) and a few private rooms, the atmosphere at Midori was quite cosy. We opted to try the buffet instead of the set menu there.

They served the usual items one would associate with Japanese food, nothing special here but the staff here were very friendly and helpful. For anyone who are unfamiliar with Japanese food, Midori would be a good choice since the staff here will take the trouble to explain the items on the buffet counter. And I love the freshly pressed fruit juices they have there.

When we went for dinner at Boulevard Hotel the day before, we had a hard time coaxing Raimie to finish the food on his plate. On the other hand, eating at Midori (or at any Japanese food outlet), he not only finish eating everything on his plate, he finished all my ebi & ika tempura too! But I ate his chuka idako since he was so pre-occupied with his tempura. He ate so much that he forgot to eat his favourite dish; chawan mushi.

My first plate - kaki (oysters). Fresh and sweet. I can eat a dozen easily but as I get older, my stomach gets smaller. Sigh. People have receding hairline and I have receding stomach.

Second plate - Sake & Maguro sashimi. The Chef sliced the salmon nice and thick for Zaini.

From the grill section - Sake, Unagi and Oysters baked with cheese. I rather eat oysters raw.

Sushi. I took some ebi & ika tempura, but unfortunately Raimie decided that all tempuras on our table were his so no photos of it here. As long as he enjoyed eating them, I don't mind. The tempuras were nice and crispy (and big!) even when it's already cold.

Our pot of Nabe. There were also udon and soba available for diners but we didn't try any as they would fill us up in no time (and then we can't eat so much! Hehehe)

Beef Teppanyaki

Beef Teppanyaki and Sukiyaki (no eggs for me, thanks!)

The meal ended with some green tea ice cream. Zaini was not too crazy about the ice cream as the ice cream was a bit mild fr his taste. He still loves the green tea ice cream at Sagano best! For deserts, beside the usual spread of cakes, puddings and fruits, there were also omochi and dorayaki available.

Eating buffet style is of course not a romantic birthday dinner, but as the place was pretty quiet so it was a nice evening for me. Anyway, it's hard to have a romantic dinner with an opinionated 6-year old in tow!

Zaini was not feeling well on his birthday, he slept through the night after taking his medicine after dinner. Lucky we went to Midori a few days earlier. Get well soon, dear. (Otherwise I have to take public transportation to work if he needs to be on medical leave. I'm such a loving wife. NOT! Hahaha)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes too!


  1. What a lovely birthday dinner! Sept is a month of many birthdays...attended one just last nite and the week before was with my family.

  2. @MBL,
    it is lovely!
    Your nephew shares the same birth date as mine, right? :-)

  3. happy belated birthday to you and zaini. wow, the food look scrumptious.

  4. lina... heppi belated besday... sama tarikh besday ngan Naael... 21 sept kan? anyway nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya... Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

  5. @life ramblings,
    thanks. :-)

    sama dgn naael. Happy Belated Birthday to Naael too! Share birthday dengan baby Nash sekali. :-)

  6. hOMG! Tat sashimi looks soo good!

  7. Alamak oyster sgt best!!! My fav tu tp skrg off season kat sini. Kat Jepun pun susah dah nak dpt yg bleh mkn fresh sbb org jual kena ada certain lesen. Nnt sakit perut susah plak.

  8. Happy belated birthday Lina.
    bestnyer birthday dinner. yum yum...

    I can't eat oyster. raw or cooked. kind of allergic. kalau makan jugak walaupun seketul, seharian kena tidur dalam toilet. sangat jeles kalau tengok orang makan oyster plate. sbb oyster mmg sedap makan raw, perah lemon... perghhhh..

    oh.. Selamat Hari Raya. meh la beraya kat Jepun ;-)

  9. @Sara,

    bagus jugak kena ada lesen, takde lah sakit perut orang kat Jepun. :D

    @Kak Hani,
    Selamat Hari Raya Kak Hani & keluarga. Raya di Jepun? Hehehe

  10. Ooh! I love raw oysters BUT only if they are fresh. Once I ended up in hospital for food poisoning due to eating contaminated oysters! Actually is there a way to know if oysters is fresh or not? I heard somewhere you need to smell it.

    Talking about receding stomach, haha! I guess as we get older, the amount of food we can eat reduces. When you are young, you can eat huge amounts, making a buffet meal very worth your money : )

  11. Happy Birthday to you. That dinner looks like its fit for a King, Queen & Family.

    I need to find a place in Taiwan with that kind of multiple dish meal.

  12. @foongpc,
    nowadays buffet for me is all about variety and not so much how much I stuff myself silly. :D

    thanks! Well, Taiwan has a lot of to die for food.

  13. Happy Birthday to u, wow look at those delicious food, likes in royals :d

  14. Nice one...might be interested to check this Time Out contest to win 2 nights stay at Putrajaya Marriott!


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