Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dinner For Two

No, not me and Zaini but me and Raimie.

Zaini is outstation for a few days, so it's just the two of us here in KL. Raimie requested for a sushi dinner, and instead of going to Sushi King, I decided to try out Sushi Zen. Actually, Raimie wanted to go to Sushi Zanmai, but there was a very long queue there. I'm not keen to wait in line for an hour just to eat, no matter how popular the outlets are.

Sushi Zen is not a "kaiten sushi" outlet so you have to order all your dishes. I just wish they have "classier" sushi plates and cups, instead the obviously plastic looking ones.

Raimie' dinner - chawan mushi, a salmon sushi, a plate of kappa maki and special ice green tea (I didn't ask what's special about the green tea). Excellent value - the chawan mushi is RM4.90 with kamaboko, mushroom and chicken inside (Raimie said it taste better than the one at Mizu, and I do agree with him), salmon sushi is RM2 per piece and the Kappa maki is RM2.90 per plate.

My dinner - Kaori hako chirashi don and kani miso soup. I love the sweet kani miso soup. For just RM4.90, it is well worth it, especially considering the size of the bowl. The kaori hako chirashi don was good too, with a generous dollop of wasabi and priced at RM15.00. I was very full after finishing the two bowls.

Total bill for the two of us : RM37.00 inclusive of tax & service charge. Not bad considering even a meal at Yoshinoya can set me back RM20++ per person.

Since Zaini is not here to "chauffeur" us back, we took the Komuter train back home. That's the two of us mugging for the camera at Mid Valley Komuter station. We had so much fun that night that we only reached home well after 10pm and well past Raimie's bedtime.

Talking about taking the Komuter, the ride was fast (if not absolutely punctual) and sure beats being stuck in a jam in a crowded bus, it's just the people inside Raimie and I can't stand. I'll complain about riding the trains here later. Ugh.


  1. Wah! looks like 2 of you had a great night out without Zaini! I haven't tried Sushi Zen - where is it located actually? Any branch in PJ?

    Long time didn't take Komuter. I admit it's better than to drive in traffic jams! Was it full of people when you took it? Shouldn't be as it's around 9pm right?

    Btw, can you log into Entrecard website? I don't know why I couldn't seem to do so.

  2. @foongpc,
    at Gardens Mall. I don't stray far for food. :D
    Entrecard - it's slow today, I had problem dropping yesterday.

  3. Total bill is very good deal you've got there. Been ages since I last took a train...but I don't look fwd to train rides here unless I have to take one. Sure beats the traffic jam.

  4. @MBL,
    likewise, even though we love trains. I'm afraid we Malaysians lack courtesy when in a public transportation. There was a group of kids making so much noise in there that Raimie had to cover his ears!
    I had to take the train whenever Zaini is outstation & I don't really want to "tumpang" friends. Been ages since I took a bus though, the last time I took one - it's like being in a different country. :D

  5. i love sushi. can you tell me where is the best sushi in kl?

  6. @life rambling,
    I'm still on the lookout. There are lots of outlets that we don't go since they are Non-Halal/serve pork, so our choice of Japanese outlet to frequent is quite limited.

  7. beleive me or not, am now started craving for sushi...dulu kat tokyo, pandang pun tak lalu..keke

  8. @Alifah,
    kekekek... tulah, dulu kat Tokyo esken. :D
    Jom makan sushi sama - Sushi King sampai Khamis ada promo RM2/plate.

  9. Yeah it's the same on Japanese trains, especially the shinkansen, we had some stupid kids singing "muki muki" all the way from tokyo to aomori in the reserved seating. Next time that happens i will be sure to complain.

    Nice sushi.

  10. @nakayoshilife,

    If I have a group of kids making noise for 3/4 hours, I'll be screaming my head off to them.

    Sometimes I'd rather not sit near a group of kids (whatever country of origin they might be) because of this. Kids will always be kids, I guess but some consideration to others is sure nice.


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