Thursday, 9 October 2008

Dinner - Instant Mee With Ultraman Furikake

Oh gosh! I'm such a bad mother, I know.

Dinner for Raimie on Sunday: instant mee Sedap (mee goreng/ fried mee) topped with the Ultraman furikake that Nash gave to us (yasai/vege flavour - so there is vegetable in this dish, somewhere. Hehehe)

He eats healthily on Monday onwards, I promise!

It's just that last week was a rich food galore, as we Muslim celebrate the Aidil Fitri (Eid) here. So, sometimes it is such a relief eating light food like this.


  1. It's like having Maggi mee once in awhile..hehhe :)

  2. lol, it looks like instant noodles doused in curry. Reminds me of what my mum used to feed me as a kid whenever there's leftover curry from the evening before.

  3. i prepare instant mee for my kids once in a blue moon too. :)

  4. @MBL,
    yes. :D
    Eating Maggi daily - definitely a no-no.

    @C K,
    Hahaha... it's too wet. Zaini always said that I can't cook instant mee properly. LOL

    @Life ramblings,
    I guess it's ok for a treat for them once in a while.

  5. It's ok to eat maggi mee once in a while. I eat it when I'm fed up with eating outside food, which happens rarely. Haha.

  6. @foongpc,

    yeah, sometimes I have cravings for Maggi late at night, when I don't have cravings for mamak food, that is. :D

  7. Mmm, ultraman flavored noodles. Tastes all rubbery!

  8. @Shaun,
    rubberlicious! hehehe


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