Monday, 6 October 2008

Feeling Homesick?

Come any festive season, people living abroad or away from their families/hometown will be homesick and long to return home.

But can you feel homesick for a country that is not your own?

Homesick: [adj] sad because one is away from home; acutely longing for one's family or home; unhappy at being away from familiar things or persons
So I can't be homesick of Japan since Japan is not my home and is not familiar to me. I only spent a maximum of 2 weeks a year there.

Or am I pining for a country that is not my own?

Pining: [noun] a feeling of deep longing; prolonged unfulfilled desire or need
I guess this will be more apt towards my feeling for Japan.

It's been over 6 months since our visit to Japan. I miss Japan. Every time I see photos of bloggers in Japan/those visiting Japan, I am reminded how much I love Japan. I am fully aware of the pros and cons of the country, but no one country is faultless, even Malaysia. (Yes, I love Malaysia too).

Do you know what I miss most in Japan? The sounds at the train stations. The announcement prior to the arrival of a train. The tunes played when a train is arriving to a station. I love the train stations. I even love the orderly chaos during the rush hour. I enjoy taking numerous train trips in Japan. If the bulk of my holiday in Japan is spent on the trains, I'm totally fine with it. And Zaini feels the same way too.

It would be at least another 10 months before our next trip. This time, we're not sure whether we can visit Japan next year. Too many uncertainties. Which is of course not helping me ease my longing for Japan. Last year, I was already busy planning for our March 2008 holiday at this time.

When others abroad talking about going home and meeting their families, I am missing Japan.

I sure hope the exchange rate will be more favourable next year. Now, the Yen is expensive. The rate now is almost similar to the rate way back in 2002. At the current rate, it will be too expensive to vacation in Japan! And using credit card will hurt us more. My boss' credit card statement came out with the exchange rate of RM3.51 for 100yen. That is HIGH!

Of course for those coming back to Malaysia and are bringing back Yen, it is time to rejoice. Last year's rate at around this time was below RM3.00 for 100yen.


  1. How nice to be able to visit Japan for at least 2 weeks every year? And you are one Msian who's totally in love with all things Japanese..:)

    Me..I love exotic Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco.

  2. lina, you are no doubt a Japan-mad chicken, I mean blogger. LOL.
    Maybe you are a Japanese from your past life (if you believe in such things)
    If you love Japan so much, do make an attempt to go because we never know what will happen tomorrow right?
    Btw, you should try out Jogoya. All my friends say it's the best buffet in town : )

  3. @MBL,
    2 weeks is better than none at all, kan? :-)
    We are control freaks - we need order and have things go smoothly as planned (well for most part of our trip anyway). That's why Japan is the best for us.
    It's not just going to big cities; we don't even like Hong Kong. Go figure.

  4. wow, it seems like the sounds at the train station have deeply pierced your heart. anyway, i hope you'll overcome the feeling of homesickness in good time.

  5. @foongpc,
    LOL. Maybe.
    Friends told me, my son is born in the wrong country. He loves Japanese food, can't take spicy food, hates loud people, queue without being told to do so and likes to conform to his group.

    I would love to go to Jogoya, but it is always such a pain going into town. Heck, I've not been to KLCC this year yet!

  6. @life ramblings,
    of all the wonderful things Japan can offer, it's the train & the train stations that catch my heart. :D

  7. I couldn't believe it when I was reading your post. You miss Japan? :)

    Gosh. You are like what foongpc said - Japan-mad blogger! haha....

  8. @ECL,
    yeah, definitely MAD and "in love" with Japan. :)
    maybe I should go out with Elmo to ease my sufferings. hehehe

  9. I visited Japan for a week or so a couple of years back. Liked it enough to take up the language.

    Anyway, the only that got stuck in my mind is the Koizumi temple in Kyoto.

    While I don't love Japan to bits, I do find it kind of endearing. :)

  10. @CK,
    I wish I can commit myself to studying the language seriously. Right now, it's just self-learning for me.

  11. How do you stand peak hour train rides? I reckon it's worse than the ones here.

  12. @Shaun,
    you're baaack! Missed your comments. :D
    Well, there are a lot less noise in trains in Japan unlike here where you can practically people talk & can be heard by the people in the next carriage!


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