Saturday, 4 October 2008

Kinosaki Marine World Dolphins On A Diet

More news :
Yahoo News
Japan Probe

Does this mean we (by we, I mean me) should take a look at our Mackerel fish intake too, if we want to lose weight? :D


  1. I think if the dolphins are in the wild, they won't get fat. They only get fat when in enclosures and being fed by humans.

  2. Hahha..fatty fish. Yeah I agree with Foong..being fed by humans and not being able to roam wild and free makes them overweight!

  3. @foongpc & MBL,
    yeah, if they are allowed to roam wild, they will not get fat!
    We humans are to blame!

  4. When they are sequesterd and not allowed to roam free they become like humans. Great story.


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