Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Japanese Coach, Nintendo DS

Last week, Zaini was pretty excited with his latest addition to his Nintento DS - My Japanese Coach. There are lots of games, a dictionary, phrasebook, etc in there.

While Zaini was fiddling with the game/lessons, Raimie got pretty interested too, especially when he can listen to his pronunciation.

A cool and fun way to supplement your learning of Japanese. (Maybe it's time I show interest and try to hijack their Nintendo DS for my use. Hehehe) I have long neglected my attempts at studying the language! I even stopped listening to JapanesePod101 podcast already. Time to buck up, I say!

He didn't have much time with it these two days since he is a bit under the weather and spent most of his time at home sleeping. At least he doesn't annoy me sprouting out some random Japanese words just because he likes to say them out aloud! (At this time of month, I do get annoyed easily). Hehehe. I'll be in better mood next week, I think.


  1. Hmm, i never thought of trying this out. Uhh, i bet they have games that teach you how to write too.. with the touch screen and all.

    The DS can be prettty fun! Not that i have one. Technically *runs*

  2. @Shaun,
    yeah, they do. And fun to try too!

  3. I tried to send in a comment on this yesterday but Blogger was having some issue with its comments' section.

    Anyway, I have tried downloading some language applications into my phone and they work just fine. Basically they come with commonly used phrases categorized into food, transportation, services etc.

    The best thing of all, they come with voice support as well!

    Does DS offer the same as well?

  4. @C K,
    In it's learning function has a listen, speak and write options.

    In it's games function - there are 17 games that you need to obtain your learning points first in order to unlock the games.

    It has a dictionary, phrase book and sketch pad.

    For pronunciation, being able to hear our pronunciation sure helps to compare with a native's.


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