Saturday, 25 October 2008

Nissin's Pesticide Flavoured Cup Noodle

More contaminated food abound. Gyoza, rice, beans, milk, pizza and now cup noodle.

Maybe we should start thinking of growing and cooking our food, instead of buying them off the supermarket shelves. :-(


  1. Oh wow..another food scare! Homecooked food's way better than eating out anytime esp in times like these...rising prices and dubious food contents.

  2. That's pretty scary and it's happening way too often. I think you are right we should all start growing our own food.

  3. Scary. I guess there'll never be a 100% safe food nowadays. Short of growing your own vegetables and rearing your own animals, and cook everything at home yourself.

  4. @MBL,

    That's why I envy people with landed properties instead of living in a high rise building.

    It is scary. Time to eat fresh produce instead of all those precessed food!

    Convenience has it price. :-(


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