Sunday, 26 October 2008

Oden And Curry Rice For Dinner At Mizu

What does one do when feeling homesick? In my case, eat and eat and eat to appease the "homesickness" I've been feeling (and here I am grouching the fact that I gained an extra 4 kg!)

Malaysian in Japan try to eat Malaysian (and Malay) food, and here I am, a Malaysian in Malaysia having insatiable appetite for Japanese food.

We took one of my younger sister (I have 4 sisters and 2 younger brothers, by the way) out for dinner and since she lives in Kerinchi, we decided to head to Mizu in Bangsar Village (again) instead of our earlier plan to eat ramen.

We were there for dinner so we to try out Oden for the first time.

This Oden dish seem to be a popular item here, there were quite a few orders for it when we were there. It is not cheap at RM28 per bowl of 6 items. There were daikon, carrot, a half-boiled egg, snow peas, chikuwa and a deep-fried tofu.

When this photo was taken, some of the items were gone as everyone rushed to try it out (even my sister!).Yummy! Now I want to have oden for dinner at home too.

Salmon Teriyaki for my sister. Didn't want to order anything too funky for her since this is her first Japanese dinner so this is a safe option even though she didn't say she will not try anything and everything (Good for her! I do get tired of people saying they don't eat raw fish whenever we suggest Japanese food).

Unlike the set lunch available here (which is way cheaper than the dinner option), we had to order the rice set for her too. Salmon: RM25; Rice set (rice, miso soup & pickles) : RM12.

There was a curry promotion at Mizu.There were curry rice/udon with the option to add fried stuff like chicken katsu and whatnot (I forgot what else was in the Curry menu). We opted for curry rice and seafood furai. Curry rice: RM18; Seafood furai : RM12. Like the oden, this is our first time eating Japanese curry rice. Sure Sushi King offers Japanese curry udon in its menu, but we were never interested to try it there!

Zaini loved it, but I'm not to sure whether I like Japanese curry all that much.

Raimie's sake-chazuke. Took ages to arrive; and it was the last dish to arrive after reminding the staff about it twice, maybe the staff needed time to cut the nori, I don't know. Sake-chazuke: RM12.

Raimie also had chawan mushi. He loved the chawan mushi here. A chawan mushi is RM10.

We definitely will come to this place again, but for value for money meal, we'll go for lunch instead.


  1. Japanese food?


    When I was working abroad in the Philippines, I missed eating Chicken Rice with Chillie Sauce. Finally found a place called the Treade Winds that is run by Singapore Airlines (I was told). Never missed feasting myself to just Chicken Rice (without chicken) and loads of Chillie Sauce.Just like that. The Restaraunt peeps thought I was crazy.

    Incidentally where I lived in the Philippines,in Makati, I could not even find fresh Chillies in the market!!! Missed Sambal Belacan mostly.

  2. I don’t just adore Japanese food because they are yummylicious, I adore the fascinating presentation as well. :)

  3. @windmill,
    hahaha... eating chicken rice without the chicken. I would shake my head too at you. :D

    Where would we be without sambal belacan. When I was in Hong Kong, our group which comprises of Malaysian Chinese keeps on griping about wanting chillies as we are Malaysian. And the chillies they served us there just wouldn't do!

    @life ramblings,
    Yes, the presentation are very artistic, aren't they.

  4. I love Japanese food too... especially sashimi! *drools*

    I don't particularly like Oden nor curry rice...

  5. That samon teriyaki looks delicious. I am so hungry right now after reading your blog :)

    Thanks by the way for commenting on mine. Happy eating.

  6. @ECL,
    I love sashimi but am selective at what/where I eat them. Some outlets' are not that fresh. :-(
    You and me alike about the curry. Give me India curry anytime! LOL

    How about going out and search for something Japanese today? :-)

  7. I don't think Japanese are very good at making curry - Indians are better. They are also not very good at soups - Chinese are better. But they are damn good at sushi & sashimi. Wow, looking at those photos, I'm drooling : )

  8. @foong,
    don't drool so much, you'll spoil your new laptop. LOL

  9. Curry for me definitely. In fact, my wife always order for me in a Jap restaurant as I always order the same thing - curry katsu don. :)

  10. I am not into Japanese lacks the spiciness of our Msian curries!

  11. @C K,
    now I know what to order for you should we go out for a meal in a Japanese restaurant. :-)

    yeah, it is powdery and sweet. Not for me!

  12. For me, the curry would be the best. I'm fairly surprised how much curry varies country to country. Thailand still wins in my opinion =D!

    I think it's really cool how each Japanese prefecture has its own special flavor of curry =D.

  13. yeah...
    It is Nabe & Oden season in Japan.Sedapnya.....

  14. @Chris,
    I love Thai green curry. Yummm!

    Dah balik ke Nagaoka ye? Seronok berholiday kat kampung? :-)

  15. Hahaha..reading this post really triggered that 'ironic' part in me.

    Why? I just spent the last three days finishing the big batch of japanese curry I cooked few days ago. Delicious, but getting "muak" after 3 days.

    Lina, you can cook oden at home, but in your case, I'm just wondering what to substitute the mirin and sake with. I wonder if the pre packaged oden seasoning are halal..

  16. @soulighter,
    looking at the list of ingredients of oden no moto seems like it is ok for us, no meat products or alcohol.

  17. @chris,
    Agreed. Thai green curry one of the best that I've ever tasted. Most Thai restaurants in London have them and it generally goes for around £7-8 per serving.

  18. I'll get ready some tissue papers just in case. LOL


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