Friday, 17 October 2008

Red And Yellow Leaves At Lake Chuzenji, Nikko

We would love to see this colourful view firsthand someday.


  1. Someday I will get there during the height of the Fall colors. I was there a couple of years ago at the early to middle of November so I only saw the last remnants of the colors

  2. Oh wow!! this is so awesome! I want to see this amazing sight one day too!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had a camera to take pictures like that.

  4. @tornadoes28,
    Likewise, though I have yet been to Japan during autumn, even to see its remnants. Maybe next year? :D

    Isn't it? As awesome as looking at photo of a "mama-san". Hehehe

    Mee too! Have you got your new camera yet?

    They have autumn with colourful leaves and all we get now is rain downpour every single day!

  5. splendid landscape. nice combination of beautiful colours.

  6. Beautiful! Would love to be there! : )

  7. @life ramblings,
    yes, I love the colours too.

    time to visit Japan then! :-)

  8. Huhuhu..
    Don't know when I can step my foot on Japanese soil :(

  9. @bintang4,
    if you set your mind, InsyaAllah, you will set your foot there. That's what I always believe. :)

    maybe boleh gi sama-sama. hihihi...

  10. That's quite breathtaking and oh, so beautiful... I've never been to Japan at all, but I do love the culture's appreciation of quiet contemplative beauty, and the planting undertaken to accomplish such works of art.

  11. @layne,
    it is breathtaking. Waiting forward to view it firsthand someday. :-)


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