Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Time To Your Order 2009 Calendar

Price list

Which one to order?

Niko-Niko Doh bookstore in Jusco is now accepting order for Japanese Calendar 2009. Anyone interested in buying these calendars can start ordering now. :-)

We usually buy the Ultraman calendars (what else?) but I don't think we'll order any this year. For one, the Ultramen featured is pretty much the same, except perhaps more prominence to Ultraman Tiga because of the movie out earlier in Sep.

All those calendars we bought we don't use/hang but were instead kept nicely. Zaini is a stickler in keeping things nice tidy and orderly (and in mint condition, if that's possible) so Raimie is not allowed to tear/fold his calendars at all!

Even so, it's still fun buying them and letting Raimie look at them even if we don't use them/hang them on the wall.

Do you buy your own calendars - wall or desktop type; or do you wait for the free ones to use? I simply love my free "Kuda" / Horse race calendar but they are not decorative at all so I relegate themto reside my drawer.


  1. They look so interesting and colorul. They tell a story.

  2. I am very blessed to receive free calenders so I never buy them..thanks for generous hearts out there :)

  3. @jodapoet,
    they do, don't they. :-)

    lucky you. Can give one if you got extra. hehehe

  4. I usually get free calendars too. I also like the horse racing calendar and hang them on the wall. Other than that, I also like those calendars with nice pictures that you can put on the table.

  5. I used to have those free one-day-a-piece calendar given to me by the gas company, probably because my gas usage was way high.

    Now, I depend on the laptop's calendar... oh well, what can I say? I'm an adopter of 'new' technology. :)

  6. @foongpc,
    I got this one desktop calendar shaped like a tree, very cute and all but totally useless in telling when is the next public holiday. Good for decoration though. :D

    @C K,
    I'm yet to adopt all things technology. Heck, I just upgraded my black & white screen handphone to a color one last year!

  7. i ordered 200 planners & calenders for the clients, 6mths before new year. bayang kan, mmg kaya tokey print calender/planner/diary ni...

    kalau nak satu, err..kena lah jadi client to somebody dulu, mesti dpt free... hehehhee ;)


  8. @naf,
    nak kaya selain jadi tokey insurans, kenalah jadi toke printing. Hahaha
    Kalau I client you, boleylah mengecek calendar&organizer ek? Ada lebih? Hehehe


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