Monday, 1 December 2008

Cooking Sanma Fish

Happy to report that my attempt in cooking the sanma fish bought earlier went without a hitch.

One of the fish, gutted and cleaned ready to be cooked. I chose to gut the fish instead of leaving the innards intact.

Grilled fish served ala Malay style (just like what Kak Lela said). With soy sauce, vinegar and shallots. Simple but absolutely heavenly.

Steamed sanma fish asam pedas with lady fingers (or okra). Quite nice, if I say so myself. :)

Of course, the dish above can be made with cheaper fish like Ikan Kembong (mackerel) / ikan selar (scad), but hey! why not try new things, eh? Especially when it's not everyday you can buy them. :)


  1. Way to go Lina! And that okra dish's making me go..yum yum.

  2. salam lina,

    url ok now, good.

    the grilled sanma with asam kicap never fails to make my mouth waters.
    I can have that everyday, fishy?

  3. @MBL,
    asam pedas has never fail me yet. :)

    @Kak Lela,
    I love it grilled simply. If it's not expensive, it can be our daily dish also. (hubby doesn't eat ikan kembong, BTW)

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