Saturday, 22 November 2008

Dinner Out On Friday Night

A nice dinner on Friday night for the three of us. Well, anything is nice compared to last week's Friday night dinner.

Zaini's Jo Unagi Set

My Yakiniku Set. The beef is enough for two! Plenty of beef and negi too! I love it!

The two chawan mushis that came with the set above were for Raimie, as always.

Raimie's favourite - Kappa Maki

Total bill for the night : RM65.00. I was so full, I had stomach cramps!

Anyhoo, current promotion at Sushi Zen.

By the way, Pasta Zanmai has opened its shop in Mid Valley. Maybe we'll check it out next time!


  1. I wish I knew what it all was. The stuff in the bowl looks pretty actually. I like the orange...but not sure what it is. It would be great if you could add that to your posts. I find it so interesting. :)

  2. The pics look yummy. This is the kind of dinner that I dream I can have each night ;-) love Japanese food but not too many Japanese resto around here where I am.

    Have a nice weekend.
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  3. The unagi looks delicious!

  4. @Sandi,
    the salmon you mean? It's raw salmon.

    I wish I can have Japanese dinner often to, but it is more expensive than having a typical dinner. :D

    looks and taste delicious!

  5. yummy! i just had a craving for japanese food. i love japanese food too.

  6. Uh, are there sets with just the beef, unagi and cawan mushi? I don't care for the rice. XD

    I WANNA EAT OUT at all!

    7.50 after 50% discount? Is that cheap?

  7. @desperateblogger,
    aaahhh a kindred spirit. :-)

    Yep, Unagi/Beef + rice + chawan mushi + miso soup. Green tea not included. :D

    The salmon sashimi discount is their 1st anniversary promotion. Cheap! Very cheap!


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