Monday, 24 November 2008

Fixing A Travel Date

We've pretty much have a date for next year's vacation to Japan. Unlike in previous years, next year's vacation date is not as flexible because we have to go during Raimie's school holiday. Yes, my son in entering primary school next year. How time flies...

The problem with the date of our choosing: not only it is a public holiday (major major holiday, in actual fact) in Malaysia, Japan too will be on holiday for 3 days!

We are thinking of travelling during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid) holidays next year: that's Sep 21 - Sep 27. We thought it will be a special vacation to travel on our birthdays which incidentally fall on a public holiday next year.

Eid falls on Sunday, Sep 20 and we Malaysians can enjoy two days of public holiday from Sep 21 - Sep 22. This unfortunately means paying for peak season priced air tickets. Shudder!

In Japan, the Respect For The Aged Day falls on Mon, Sep 21 and the Autumn Equinox is on Sep 23 plus the in-between holiday on Sep 22. 3 days of public holidays for you guys in Japan means a whole lot of crowd everywhere and lots of queing time for everything, right?

How about you guys out there? Are you flexible with your vacation dates and only decide at the last minute or do you like to fix it way in advance and stay true to it? Would you pay for an airticket a year in advance just because it looks pretty cheap now? Do you like to travel during peak season or go for off-season and save a little bit of $$$?

Then again, are we nuts to be away from home on a such important day and miss celebrating Eid with our family?


  1. I try to plan ahead but still make room for changes coz you never know what may come up esp with an unpredictable work schedule. Thankfully, so far..all my travel plans have been smooth sailing :)

  2. @MBL,
    how very true.

    we too have been lucky that our trip had been smooth sailing so far... (barring a few inconveniences along the way) :)

  3. I didn't know Japan has Respect for the Aged Day. That's interesting!

    I normally plan my holidays well in advanced cos it depends on AirAsia's zero price promotion. Haha!

    But if go for local holidays eg. Penang or Melaka, I can just say "Let's go Penang tomorrow!" though that also have to depend on available hotel rooms : )

  4. @foong,
    definitely. If want to buy AirAsia tickets (esp the Zero fares one) sure have to plan waaaay in advance. Like my friends' tickets to Chiang Mai in Aug 09.

    Buying those tickets is like "buy first, apply for leave" later. LOL

    BTW, maybe we should have a Respect for The Aged day too! (any excuse for a public holiday)

  5. UHH, sezwho! I was thinking of installing it on my blog. Either that or disqus or intensedebate. How do you find it?

    Ugh, I'm bad at all this planning stuff. It's against my last-resort principle of living my life one day at a time. I SHOULD probably change it, it's messing with my life!!

    We (my family) are trying the whole plan ahead thing but it's getting real annoying. Like all of a sudden they care so much and keep bugging about schedules and what not.

    It would be so much easier if I just didn't care about school cause other than classes, I'm very flexible. Stupid school!

    "miss celebrating Eid" - I was gonna ask you about that. haha

    UHH, we should totally have more random holidays like that. Any holiday is a good holiday! :D

    *rant rant*

  6. @Shaun,
    I'm flexible too! If not for an inconvenience called work, I can go holiday anytime one. LOL

    Planning is good. Spontaneity is good too. A balance of both is better than trying to plan everything and anything in life. Life without planning means you don't care much about your future. :(

    On the other hand, at least got people who cares about you to want to know your schedule than no one caring and you get left out / kena tinggal whenever they go for holiday, right? (Do I sound like a mom nagging?)

    Sezzwho - from Entrecard.

  7. i can't be as spontaneous as before cos i've kids so i usually plan my vacation during the school holidays. but my free time has to coincide with my hubby's too. i haven't been to japan but i hope i can visit this place someday.

  8. Haha, you got a point there.. I have school, you have work. NOOO, my excuse isn't working!

    I don't care about my future?! NOooo.. again! Tak tau laah, macam takde future pun :(

    It's annoying cause they never cared before. But come to think of it, they didn't need to in the past. School holidays = everyone was free to go for a vacation. Only dad had to take his leave. Sekarang pula.. college, work, all kinds of rubbish. *Sigh*

    p.s. Love the new comment system. So senang typing on the same page.

  9. @life ramblings,
    yeah me too. It used to be easier when Raimie was small - we can just pack & go. No more such carefree days now.

    Welcome to the Adult world! Hehehe

    Only now got time to fiddle around hence now only change my comments setting. Thanks for noticing!


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