Saturday, 15 November 2008

Dinner At Yoshinoya

I usually don't have strong feelings against any food outlets and try not to give a particularly bad review of them.

But man, Yoshinoya in Mid Valley is such a letdown. I last visited this particular branch of Yoshinoya last year and the quality and service were generally OK that time.

Now? All I can say is: if anyone out there know how to contact Yoshinoya's Malaysian franchise owner, do let me know so that I can write him/her/them a particularly scathing letter!

A complete meal set at RM14.90: beef bowl, miso soup, soft drink, coleslaw and corn pudding. The portion of rice was puny and the miso soup was tasteless. Zaini asked me why I didn't finish my miso soup and I told him it's like drinking hot water filled with seaweed. Horrible!

My half full beef bowl. I am comparing this beef bowl portion with the ones I used to get last year and my... so much difference. I know rice prices went up, but really this is too much. Don't get me started on the beef. (perhaps, if you really need to cut down on the portion; change the bowl too so it will not be too obvious that you are skimping on the food)

A very unappetising coleslaw. This photo actually looks nicer than the real deal. They used to serve wafu salad (which by the way is very nice) but changed it to coleslaw some time ago.

No wonder I didn't see anymore Panasonic's Japanese salarymen having lunch there. To Yoshinoya Malaysia - instead of coming up with all sorts of menu to entice Malaysian consumers, maybe you should concentrate in serving good food that consumers will be happy to pay for. And please, tell your staff to be nicer when greeting customers and please, please ask them to not chat at the counter and blocked the way for us to make our orders.

Hmph! That was RM30 down the drain.


  1. I eat at a Yoshinoya near my house in Reseda once and a while and it is pretty gross. But it is cheap and that is good some nights.

  2. Thanks for the review...I know I won't want to step into a place with this kind food quality.

  3. @tornadoes28,
    All I can say is, it is a cheap option in Japan (or any other place) but in Malaysia, it cannot be called cheap. A bowl of gyudon is already RM8.90 here, and to have to bear with half a bowl of rice & beef is not something I can stomach. :(

    Japanese food at food court fares better than Yoshinoya for the same price! Don't waste your money here!

  4. if the food and service were not up to par, it would certainly be my first and my last patronage.

  5. @life ramblings,
    I agree, but if it's a stand-alone restaurant then a "nice" chat with the Manager helps sometimes. :D

  6. That does look rather unappetizing and pathetic. If something like that happened in Japan they'd be out of business pretty quick.

  7. I have not had Yoshinoya in years. In Henderson, NV there are none. The franchise owners should be informed and they should send QC out. They had a good thing when they started.

  8. @Penguin,
    I had the same thought - wouldn't last long or maybe they will be relegated to selling in food courts instead! (Wait! They did have a stall at KLCC's food court) But who wants to pay for overpriced food anyway.

    yes, they really do need QC badly. Otherwise it will deteriorate further in guise of making profit by serving sub-standard food.

  9. There's a central Malaysian Yoshinoya franchise owner? Like just one you can complain to? Or is there only one Yoshinoya around? Lol, sorry i'm focusing on the wrong things.

    Well, the coleslaw and noodles does look a bit.. messed up. Haha! I can't really comment about portions and what not.. everything is expensive and small to me.

  10. @Shaun,
    there should be, as who brought in the rights to open Yoshinoya chain in Malaysia? There should be a group/consortium or whatnot that has an agreement with the main company. That's the one I want to talk to.

  11. Mid Valley is in KL right? I been to KL so many times but nv got the chance to go over.

  12. I have not been eating there since many years ago. I didn't really like it back then, so reading your post now I will definitely avoid it like the plague. Well, they better do something or else be prepared to close shop! Customers are not stupid!

  13. Masuya is better. Much better... :-)

  14. @foong,
    yes, we are not stupid. We are a discerning lot and we know what value for money.

    problem is, there's only Yoshinoya here.

  15. Yoshinoya is where I'll got for a quick fix. It's basically a fast food so I don't expect very much from it. I mean, I don't go into McDonald's and expect some gourmet burger... :)

    That said, the portions have shrunk quite a bit. I don't think you'll be returning in a hurry, are you?

  16. @C K,
    I wouldn't expect anything more from a fast food joint, but after eating at few other outlets (in & out Malaysia), and with the quality & quantity at the same outlet that were much better before, I was sorely disappointed that it stooped this low. At least get the miso soup taste right.

  17. Hi Lina! My hubby loves Yoshinoya too!

    I checked out ur profile, it's nice to meet another Virgo yay! Also, I got ur comment on the BEAR-iuca meme, but I can't seem to find your post here or at ur other 2 blogs. Pls send me the URL to ur post so I can add u to the master list okay? :):):)

  18. @Marzie,
    A fellow Virgoan. Yeay!

    Will put a comment to you soon.


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