Tuesday, 11 November 2008

MAS Global Online Sale

MAS Global online sale on from Nov 10 to Nov 12, 2008.

One way fare to Tokyo/Osaka at only RM599. Would've booked our tickets right now if it's not for the insanely high tax and fuel surcharge. Return ticket KL-Tokyo/Osaka-KL at RM1,198 plus tax & fuel surcharge of RM1,106.00. Total : RM2,304 per adult. Where have the cheap air tickets gone to?

Well, I don't think the price is going down all that much any time soon.


  1. Why are return tickets more expensive? Lol, i've never travelled so far before so i wouldn't know.

    p.s. Hmm, i can't remember if i've even taken the plane!

  2. I got cheap budget tickets too but the tax and fuel charges make the prices so high. :(
    Why got cheap?

  3. nolah, actually usually it is better deal to buy return tickets than one-way one. One way fare to Tokyo/Osaka only at RM599 (return RM1,198).

    like getting on AirAsia's free ticket but got to pay a couple of hundred for the tax. :D

    Why oh why AirAsia can't get a deal for Japan? Why Japan is so strict!!!!

  4. Qantas down here in Oz said that once fuel prices went down, they'd drop the fuel surcharges. Well, fuel prices are lower, and the surcharges remain, at least on their long haul flights.

  5. check out here http://www.airasia.com/site/my/en/page.jsp?reference=nofuelfaq

  6. I find airlines misleading ppl with their so called cheap fares....

  7. AirAsia is dropping fuel charges. benar?
    Even with that, its air tickets still not that cheap.

  8. @Stefan,
    I think MAS has the same attitude too!

    thanks. I've checked them out. It was on the news yesterday, kan?

    IIRC, there were some people who complained about this misleading fares already. It is cheaper to go on SQ fixed fares promo than the MAS one! If only SQ's promo still on-going now.

    I guess it'll be a bit cheaper. AirAsia has the free seats promo on now, but after trying to book several flights, I am yet to be able to secure the free tickets!

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  10. All those zero fare ads are misleading! No such thing as zero fares. They should not be allowed to advertise as such, don't you think?

    So, how? Are you going to Japan with that expensive air fare? If me, I won't go, but then again, I'm not crazy about Japan like you! LOL

  11. @foong,
    if we have to pay expensive fares, we'd stick to JAL instead of MAS. Better service all around.

  12. Sgt murah!!!! but they dont fly to Fukuoka!! Tgh carik ticket blk Jepun mid Dec ni just semata2 nak sign scholarship.

  13. @farah,
    yesterday MAS had an all-inclusive fare promo : RM1,140 to Tokyo nett for 1 way.
    Yalah, pity they don't fly to Fukuoka anymore.
    Just to sign scholarship have to return here? Well, an excuse to balik kampung. :)

  14. Got a pretty good deal from Thai Airways. RM1860 only (-_-)V
    Btw, I am already at my kampung.

  15. @Farah,
    wah, RM1,860 only. That's a bargain. How long do you need to transit in Bangkok? How's the airline? Tell me! Tell me! Mana tahu nak try tukar airline pulak. :D

    Kampung already? Kampung mana? Setiawangsa ke? :)

  16. At Setiawangsa la skrg. Mana lg la kiteorg nak gi hehehe But moving here and there soon. We r going to Penang n then to Kltn for Raya Haji. Then I am off to Japan for 4 days.
    Transit in BKK is about 3 hours n Thai Airs is kira oklah mcm MAS. I used it to UK b4.

  17. @Farah,
    mai la shopping kat Mid Valley :)
    3 hours transit - not bad lah...
    can say that we've set to in Bangkok also, even though the kaki only touch the airport. Muahaha


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