Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A New Ultraman Book For Raimie

Oh crap! I put the wrong book photo here. Sorry to give a wrong info to you guys. My bad...

Actually, Zaini bought this Ultraman book a couple of weeks ago for Raimie. Another Ultraman book to add to Raimie's collection.

The actual book that cost Zaini a pretty RM79.50 (or 1,500yen) bought at Kinokuniya book store in KLCC is this one:

Best 100 Ultraman Battles or something...

At current exchange rate, 1,500yen is about RM50, so RM79.50 for that book is not bad lah kan... Even has 72 playing cards included inside.

The other book that I erroneously said bought at RM70 is priced at a mere 588yen after tax if bought in Japan .

Urutora 38 Dai Sen Shi Besuto Zukan
(38 Best of Ultra Warriors Picture Book, if I read and got the meaning right)

Info on the Ultra heroes inside

I have a confession to make. Raimie is not the only one enjoying the book, I did too! (I read it in defense of practising my reading. Hehehe)


  1. why is it at RM70++?
    Why do they take so much ++?

  2. An excuse to brushing up on the language.:)

  3. Kak Lela,
    that's why. Even the 525yen Terebi-kun & Terebi-Mag which we buy for Raimie every month are only priced at RM29 - RM31 (depending on currency fluctuations). Moral of the story - buy lots and lots of books (Japanese books, that is) while in Japan. :)

    yes, a perfect excuse esp to cover the geekiness of reading up an Ultraman picture book. hihihi

  4. Holy holy RM70?! 588 yen is like.. what? A few ringgit? I'm just guessing cause i keep hearing big big numbers in Yen just for food.

    I'd practice my picture looking skills. :X

  5. wow, ultraman madness! my son is a big fan of the idol too and he has a big collection of the ultraman's items.

  6. Looks like both you and Raimie are fans of Ultraman! RM79.50 is considered expensive for a non fan like me, but for you it's worth it especially you can learn the language and not forgetting the pack of cards : )

    Btw, a prize awaits the person who guess correctly on my blog : )

  7. @Shaun,
    hahaha... you and Zaini both!

    @life ramblings,
    a kindred spirit!

    One of the reasons we keep returning to Japan is Ultraman. XD

    yalah, if fan - then everything also want to buy and collect no matter how expensive. :D

  8. " hoh, klu x silap last time i saw the book about rm65-69, gosh. but on the bright side, it's good to see kino dah bawak masuk ultraman book. and thanks to that ade 1 bulan tu habis duit spent dkt kino, hehehe "

  9. @zedd,
    ye ye. sama-smalah kita menjayakan bisnes kino itew. hihihi


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