Sunday, 2 November 2008

Nintendo DSi Launch on Nov 1

Nintendo DSi, launched yesterday in Japan. 300 people queued for it in Yurakucho and it was sold out before lunchtime.


  1. My son would love that! better not let him see it. haha....

  2. hello nice blog u have, care to exchange links with my Travel Blog and let me know. Take care

  3. Nintendo hotcakes! :)

  4. @ECL,
    a kindred spirit. I think he sure got a sniff of those DSi already. Hehehe

    sure, if you link mine, I'll link yours. :)

    yes, yummy expensive hotcakes. :D

  5. I love Nintendo since I was a kid. I started with the NES (and Super Mario Bros 3 & Maniac Mansion as my top favo's) and my last purchase was the Wii.
    However, while the Wii & DS has superb interaction - they keep playing with the same basic 'engine' too much. Wii is only an advanced system of the GameCube and the DS has now definitely enough improvements (Lite, DSi). It is time to really go forward in stead of playing with the same over and over again.


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