Thursday, 27 November 2008

Online Shopping At JShoppers

This is not a paid post. I repeat, this is not a paid post.

I have to fork my own $$$ for these item. :)

I ordered a few items from and am happy to say I've already got them! Yeay!

I guess now I can't use the excuse "I need to go to Japan to update my wardrobe" anymore.

Can't wait to show off my newly acquired clothes this weekend. I'm going to wear them to Nuffnang & Friso Family Day Out on Saturday.

I love buying things online but apart from the odd books from Amazon, this is the first time I bought clothes online, and from a site outside of Malaysia. I bought the dress a size too big, but that's okay because they do feel comfy (but they do look humongous in the photo don't they?)

Thank you Japan Post for sending my parcel so speedily. It was sent out on Nov 20 and I got them on Monday, Nov 24th. Now, isn't that fast?

Total damage for the purchase : 4,780yen for a dress set of 3 (tunic, turtleneck & cardigan) and a pair of denim style leggings (no shipping fees at the moment for purchases below 5,000yen; a savings of 900yen). Yet to know how much it'll cost me in MYR as my credit card has yet to put it in my account. The later the better! Just wish the exchange rate is not so high. Imagine RM3.87 for every 100yen!

Online shopping is so addictive, I find myself returning to the site every single day looking for more items to buy. Better hide that credit card of mine!


  1. salam lina,

    let me know your schedule for next Japan trip.

  2. @Kak Lela,
    still a loooong way to go. :)
    But I really wish I can add Okinawa to our itinerary...

  3. I think shopping online's picking up these days....I don't mind but not for clothes as I am afraid sized might not fit me and all. I prefer buying off the rack. I just bought something online too and pretty excited after opening up the package....hehehhe :D

  4. i agree with MBL. it's not my usual practise to buy clothes online too.

  5. @MBL,
    Yes, I am always excited opening my packages too. :)

    @life ramblings,
    I wasn't either, but what the heck. I need new clothes and I don't really buy them here.

  6. Hmm, I have tried buying flower, books etc online but have not tried clothes yet. And yes, it can be pretty addictive since it is almost effortless to shop online. Got to watch the habit. :)

  7. @BK,
    I used to help my brother buy flowers off a site called Hmmm... don't know whether they are still active.

    I agree with the effortless shopping, it is pretty easy to waste money.

  8. People are interesting towards online shopping as it is easy,convenient and time saving.


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