Thursday, 4 December 2008

Birthday Present For Raimie

What do you think we got(or more specifically, Zaini got) for Raimie for his birthday this year? If you guess it have to be something to do with Ultraman, you are absolutely right! :)

A birthday card bought specially from Japan and an Ultraman book (Great Decisive Battle The Super 8 Ultra Brothers) for our son.

Haven't had the chance to see the movie yet, so we'll (ehem, I mean Raimie will) enjoy reading the book first. :D

It was actually quite funny the way Raimie wanted us to give him the present. The night before his birthday, he told us to put his birthday card and present in the living room so that when he wakes up, he can have his "surprise".

Wake up, go to living room alone (he wakes up earlier than us on our day off) and be surprised that there's a present for him. That was his plan. Hahaha...

Then, we went to Sunway Lagoon for a day of fun at the theme park, and a nice dinner at Tony Roma's. A perfect ending for my little prince.


  1. Great bday celebration indeed for this little prince...hhehe. R u going to read the book too? ;)

    I find children really enjoys bdays and it's good.

  2. @MBL,
    well, can't say we'll read the book as we are illiterate in Japanese! But we enjoy looking at the pictures. :)

    It's always enjoyable to see kids looking forward and enjoying their birthdays. And kids don't need grand celebration to be happy too!

  3. awwww.... Ultraman! Kids these days still love him!? My son loved Ultraman too.

    Happy birthday Raimie!! *hugs and kisses*

  4. @ECL,
    yeas, the Heroes are still popular. For kids watching Astro, they are familiar with Tiga & Dyna as that's what is aired.
    Thanks for the wish. I'll pass the hugs and kisses to him gladly. :)

  5. Wow! Raimie must be having a really fun day! Children nowadays are just so lucky! : )

  6. @foong,
    In a way they are lucky, but sometimes I feel they are missing out on the carefree life that I experienced when I was little. & the fact that my parents didn't have to worry about me all that muh, so long I return home before sunset. :)

  7. hi lina, you had brought up my child memory with my father when i first receive my ultraman taro..haha..hepi birthday to your prince!

  8. lina, no wonder you treat Raimie with such a nice birthday. I guess our childhoods were more free last time, but then nowadays with people kidnapping children and children go missing, it's a bit difficult to let your children go out by himself till evening.

  9. @zulhusni,
    thanks for the wish. Did you still keep your Ultramana Taor? :)

    I definitely keep an eagle watch on Raimie!

    My aunt's 8 year old son had an accident on Friday - he went to Pasar Malam without his parents' knowledge and got knocked down by a car! He was in coma for two days! (He had fractured skull)> Wish he'll be OK. :(


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