Saturday, 20 December 2008

A Day At The Supermarket

Friday night is grocery shopping night. A walk in Jusco supermarket and look what we've found. :-)
A gingerbread man for Raimie. Damn expensive at RM3.50 but it's a treat for Raimie for being a good boy.

Would you buy these melon? They fit nicely in my palm (which meant they are not that big) and 1 melon is RM260 - RM280.00. These melon have to be really nice for me to fork out that kind of money on them!

Another fruit with a mind boggling price. Strawberries at RM68.90 per packet. There sure are a lot of homesick Japanese here for Jusco to be selling at these overpriced fruit.

Raimie with a packet of Ultraman gummy candy. That 105yen gummy is RM7.90 over here. We still prefer the old ones because this one doesn't come with free stickers.

What else in Jusco? Oh, clearance sale for Meiji Melty Kiss Chocolate. The box of RM29.90 chocolate is now sold at RM5 (for worse for wear boxes) and RM9.90 for those boxes that is still in good condition. Expiry date: 31/12/08.


  1. What a wonderful life and fruits and a charming youngster

  2. @TorAa,
    life is wonderful, youngster is indeed charming (after all he's my son. hehehe) but I don't think the fruits are all that wonderful despite the price. :D

  3. What is so special about that melon, with a tag price like that..hmmm

  4. Hi Lina,

    I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. @bintang,
    maybe just because it was air-flown from Japan. I don't know, haven't had the kind of money to go and buy RM200 fruit yet. :D

    Happy holidays to you too!

  6. I've heard about how expensive fruits in Japan can be. Even at our local supermarkets, it's quite the norm to find that these fruits are a few times the local price.

  7. What's special about the melons? They cost a bomb!

  8. @Life Ramblings,
    I guess the Japanese expat didn't mind paying for them just so they have a taste of home. :D

    A melon bomb! LOL

  9. OMG! So expensive the melons and strawberries!! Crazy to fork out that kind of money! Can go for don't know how many meals already!! I guess only for the rich Japanese! : )

  10. @foong,
    or can go Jogoya and eat until cannot move! :D

  11. lina,
    Haziq n Hazim's fav; Meiji Melty Kiss Choc and strawberry...

  12. @Hanny,
    ye ke? Tak pernah beli, mahal. Hehehe...
    HaziQ & Hazim's Nihonjin girlfriends - take note. You know what to buy for them come Valentine's Day. Muakaka...


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