Saturday, 27 December 2008

Dinner At Pasta Zanmai On Christmas Day

We went to One Utama on Christmas Day for a spot of Mall therapy. Even though it was a Public Holiday, the crowd was not too bad but there were queues everywhere for the restaurants!

By 7.30pm, I was getting a bit, to put it mildly, grumpy and we decided to make a stop at Pasta Zanmai. Instead of queuing, we put down our handphone number there and they called us once our table was ready. Sure beats standing for half an hour!

What to do when you're too tired to walk some more while waiting for your table? Two Nintendo DS Lite and one PSP were whipped out!

Special green tea for Zaini and me. Zaini said it was OK, but I'm not really a fan of sweet green tea. The vividness of the green tea literally transform the glass to look like a bamboo, don't you think?

Raimie had Simply Strawberry smoothies. That was one sour strawberry they put inside the smoothie.

I had Hamburg Spaghetti set. I forgot what was the name they put on the menu (something the line of Hamburger to Kinoko to something something). The portion looks small, but it was really filling.

Raimie's hamburger. He actually managed to finished it all!

The salad that came with the set menu. We had a choice of a-la carte or set. With sets, by paying an additional RM2 or so, we got a salad and a miso soup. I really like the salad dressing, it was nutty and creamy and the vegetables are nice and crispy. Yummy!

Zaini had Unagi Kabayaki set

My Agedashi Tofu. Didn't expect such a huge portion so Zaini had to help me finish the tofu. We might have made eating the tofu yummy because the diners at the next table ordered one too after looking at us eating this. LOL

Overall, the service was fast in general. We got our drinks in no time at all, and Raimie & I got our orders soon after. But maybe they need more time for their Japanese menu section, because Zaini had to wait for his Unagi Kabayaki. Even my Agedashi Tofu came late. The saving grace was the staff were completely aware of this, and they keep coming up to us to apologise for the delay. (Of course, apologies along with some discounts would be better. Heh heh)

Dinner for three that night came up to RM104.65. Not bad, and we received a RM20 voucher too. They are having their 1st Anniversary promotion and diners with bills amounting for more than RM100 will receive a RM20 voucher.

See what they've done? Now I had to find an excuse to come back! LOL


  1. eeeks.... the green tea looks too green! hehe....
    So you are going back for another round?

  2. @Life Ramblings,
    they were yummy. No wonder the place were packed. Good for value to eat here.

    have to lah, want to use the voucher. Otherwise, sayang. Unless we plan to give the voucher to someone else :P But maybe not so soon, die lah eat expensive food every week. LOL

    that green tea weren't that bitter. :-)

  3. Yucks, sweet green tea? I don't think that's nice! But the unagi - I love unagis!! Yummy! : )


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