Thursday, 11 December 2008

Food Court's Japanese Set For Dinner

Remember my rantings about Yoshinoya? For the same price, we got a better deal at Mid Valley's food court.

Beef ramen for Zaini at RM11.90. Ichiban Ramen's beef ramen (RM15.90) is a much better deal though (& looks nicer too!) But this beef ramen was a good deal nevertheless.

My mabo tofu set. Came with shredded cabbage with thousand island, potato salad, tsukemono, slightly limp vegetable tempura + green tea + miso soup at RM15.90. Really sweet & spicy mabo tofu.

Nothing much to complain (I do complain a lot, don't I?) for the price they charge.

And this is my first time I ate mabo tofu even though I've known about them for ages (from Iron Chef series) :-)


  1. Sometimes, you get better deals elsewhere :)

    I recently tried Yo quality's not bad but very pricey. For two person, the bill came up to about RM110!

  2. @MBL,
    haven't been to Yo Sushi yet. I'm intimidated by the price. :D

  3. What did you think of the Mabo Tofu. I prefer Mabo Nasu (eggplant) - actually, it's what we're having for dinner tonight!

  4. @Melanie,
    it was actually quite good, but I am not really fond of it being too sweet. (Is it supposed to be sweet?)
    Mabo Nasu - how do you make it? I love eggplant. :)

  5. It looks good to me. Standard might not be the same as Japanese restaurants but some food court do serve good Japanese bentos.
    I have to spend a bomb at a good authentic Japanese restaurant, eating at food courts is more economical at such bad times.

  6. @ECL,
    ain't that the truth. It is frivolous to spend so much money on food now, when the economy isn't rosy.

  7. Better still, learn to cook it at home. :)

  8. @gengen,

    and better still, cook what we can get locally instead of buying imported stuff! :D

  9. Looks yummy! Well, any food is better than Yoshinoya! I really hope they close shop if they continue serve such lousy food!

  10. @foong,
    Well, sure hope Yoshinoya will come to their senses and not short-changed their customer soon!

    If a food court outlet can, why can't they?

  11. Lina,a very big thank u for your generosity! Thanks for supporting my blog too :)


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