Sunday, 14 December 2008

Irrashaimase! Welcome!

I love going to Ichiban Ramen outlets. The staff there are energetic, efficient and they make me feel like I'm dining at a restaurant in Japan. Unlike most food outlets we frequented here, even the supervisor helps out cleaning tables, clearing plates, etc. Most supervisors that we've seen seemed content in doing paperworks instead of setting examples to their staff.

Isn't the way the waitress (in the second photo) take orders cute?

I remember Kak Lela's post on why Japan doesn't need the influx of foreign workers (I'm afraid that particular post is in Bahasa Malaysia) and perhaps one of the reason for that is that no jobs are beneath the staff and they sure don't rely on Indonesian or Bangladeshi workers to clean their toilets like we do.

OK, I'm digressing. Actually I want to write about the fact that when we enter some of the Japanese food outlets in Malaysia, like in Japan, we're supposed to hear the greetings of Irrashaimase.

My knowledge of Japanese language is quite negligible and I sure as hell don't know any local dialects there but please tell me whether these words that I always heard uttered or screamed by the staff correct:

  1. Mase Mase
  2. Masai Mase
  3. Massa Massa
  4. Assa
  5. Asse


  1. My knowledge of the language's very limited..but I know they mouth some sort of greeting which sounds like the first word of the title of your post. I can't tell the difference :)

  2. Come to think of it, I don't get greeted at all at some Singapore-owned Japanese restaurants.

    I know little Japanese too, so I cannot help you. :)

  3. salam lina,


    but if your friends come to your house...
    ara maaa...yokoso ii-ras-syai, with a warm smile :-)

  4. @MBL, ECL, Kak Lela,
    it's just one of my rantings, actually. I have a sneaky suspicions that the staff just mouth off anything that sounded similar to iirasshaiimasse. :D

  5. My japanese vocab is limited to simple words like konichiwa, sayonara, arigato, sumimasen.
    I also know "is that so?" is "so desu ka?"
    Yes I also hear the staffs at jap restaurant greet me with "Irrashaimase". Maybe you should get a English-Japanese dictionary : )

  6. Hola! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)


  7. @foong,
    you know, my most uttered words while in Japan was "Sumimasen, wakarimasen" (in one sentence) LOL

    sure looks like fun. :-)

  8. My limited Japanese is Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Yaohan, Daichi.... hahaha......

  9. @ECL,
    LOL. You are so funny. Yes, they're favourite words of mine too, including Takashimaya, Sogo, Best Denki.... :D

  10. hahaha....betul, mmg deorg main belasah je sebut, Masemase..asal ada mase tu konon ok lah..


    mmg geli hati gak dengar...tapi layan ajolah

  11. @nafnaf,
    yelah, layan ajelah. nasib diaorg sebut ek. :D


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