Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Japanese Bento At Food Garden, Gardens Mall

Another foray at eating food court's Japanese food.

I was dying to try mabo nasu, after reading Melanie's comment earlier. I got pretty excited when I saw it being offered in the Japanese Bento stall at Food Garden.

Zaini's choice: teriyaki chicken bento set. It was the day's promotion at RM9.90. I didn't bother to try his. (Chicken - what's so special. You don't see me eat chicken when dining out except if I go to KFC. Hehehe)

My mabo nasu bento set at RM12.90 (before the 10% discount)

Close up on the nasu (eggplant/brinjal)

Verdict: the food served here are much better than Food Junction at Mid Valley Mall. I much prefer the potato salad here too. The mabo nasu had a nice balance of sweet and spicy but maybe a tad too watery (or is it supposed to be watery?) Still, it was a nice meal. Overall a good meal but they do need to improve on food presentation and the staff manning the cash machine should at least understand some basic Malay or English! :D

Most recent item we tried : fried tofu & vege set.


  1. Delicious looking brinjals. I love this veggie.

  2. You have service staff who have language problems in Malaysia too? Here, many Singaporeans are complaining the service staff here either does not know English or Chinese language. We have quite a number of foreign workers in Singapore.... from China, India and the Philippines.

  3. @MBL,
    I love them too. :)

    there are way too many outlets putting foreign staff in frontline and I feel that they are actually drive the customers away by doing this. I do get exasperated when staff can't give recommendations or understand our request because their language proficieny is not up to par.
    There's an international feel at food outlets now. Imagine going to a Thai restaurant and seeing that your Kerabu is made by a Bangladeshi or Myanmar. Even at Tony Roma's there're staff who can barely talk in English! Maybe local people don't see it interesting to work in food sector?

  4. Ohmy...looks delicious...I love brinjals.

    The current trend of most eateries are to hire foreign workers as it is more cost saving. I went to a Taiwanese restaurant at Sunway Piramid today to try out the oyster noodle.

    Guess what, the people who cook and serve the food was a Bangladeshi. Kinda weird. Well, at least they speak english ;)

  5. Yummy! I'm hungry lol. Anyway, yup to ECL. Singapore has many China female put into the front line like cashiers and waitress etc. And they mostly understand chinese only. English is basic.

  6. Those foreign workers at restaurants seem like normal these days. Guess the restaurants' owners want to pay as little as possible to their workers! Maybe the owners should train them to speak in basic Malay and English.

    Haha! Don't eat chickens except at KFC? Wow! Then eat only beef and lamb? LOL!

    I heard that brinjals are bad for the eyesight. Is this true?

  7. @Jason,
    if they understand what we're trying to say, that's OK. What irked me when these staff barely understand what us customers want. That is not good customer service!

    OKlah, at least they do speak a commonly understood language, right? And they would be more pleasing to the eye. LOL

    Yes, they should at least train the staff.

    Brinjal bad for eyesight? Really? Maybe that's why my lens are so thick! LOL

  8. Hey! I'm actually having mabo nasu for lunch today - left overs from last night's mabo nasu! That's one dish I really will miss, I've never been able to get it quite right when cooking it in Australia. And no, it shouldn't be watery.

  9. wow, you're practically eating japanese food every week, isn't it? and the food looks enticing, dear. *SLURP*

  10. @Melanie,
    Wow, what a coincidence. :-)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Hahaha... we're creature of habit. Always eat the same food that we like day in day out. LOL At least eating at Food Court didn't put too much dent to our pockets!

  11. Lina,
    Have a wonderful bullish year of the OX!! :D

    Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during my dark moments. I am very appreciative. Though we have not met, you are a special friend in my heart.

    It is such a consolation when I read your comments early at 2 or 3 in the morning, after rounds of meetings and functions. They bring tears.

    My heart is for the bloggers for my country and the many blogger friends all over the world. I want to bring each one of us together.

    Thanks so much.

  12. Check on my blog for the River Hongbao festivities. Association of Bloggers (Singapore) hope to bring some CNY joy to our bloggers all over the world!

    I'll be there every night for 9 nights to greet bloggers from Singapore and all over the world. Please help me spread the message.


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