Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sushi King At Alamanda, Putrajaya

Dinner at Sushi King, Alamanda Putrajaya on Sunday. Nothing special about Sushi King except that it's cheap and the outlets are easily found at malls around town.

While both Raimie and I just ate whatever was on the revolving belt, Zaini had Saba Misoni set. I didn't eat much because I was feeling rather queasy the whole day, but did end up buying some scones at Starbucks afterwards. I was looking forward to some Unagi but there wasn't any that night.

There's currently a contest running at Alamanda, with the grand prize being a trip to Tokyo + spending money too. Cool! I wish I can win the trip but didn't spend that much (min RM80 to enter) to be eligible to enter the contest. I want to go to Tokyo (for free)!

Renewed our Sushi King card. A year's membership is RM20 but you'll get a free 2009 calendar, 2 RM10 vouchers (unfortunately one is valid from Jan - June and the other is valid after June) and that spoon & chopstick set.

What's so great about having a Sushi King card? Zaini has yet to miss their RM2 promotion where all plates irregardless of the colour are priced a flat rate of RM2. You should see the snaking queues whenever Sushi King has this promotion on! Some people will wait for hours to eat cheap sushi.


  1. i don't like sushi king alamanda..have bad experience there..http://azlan.anilezfa.com/sushi-king-alamanda ... prefer Sushi King Jusco Equine Park...

  2. I don't really fancy Sushi King anymore. The RM2 promotion is ok, but we usually get the cheap sushi. I hope they will include things like California rolls on the RM2 offer, although the chances are slim... : )

  3. @Azlan,
    I read your post, yes that was a bad experience. While we initially had a slow service(slow to take our order), I guess the supervisor got spooked looking at me with my camera snapping at every single item after my husband motioned to him to come over to take our order. Thereafter, the service was quite fast. We can hear him telling his staff at the kitchen to be quick. :D
    p.s. They call out Irraisshamase in full here. LOL

    I've yet gone when Sushi King is having the RM2 offer, but my friends told me they got the purple plate items by standing near to the kitchen door and literally snapping away items as they come out of the revolving belt. (Much like you and your chicken wings. Hehehe)

  4. Arggghhh Japanese Sushi! I love everything at Sushi King except the eels stuff.


  5. I have eaten at Sushi King when I was in KL but I don't find the food nice. Even Genki Sushi at KLCC tastes horrible.

  6. @Windmill,
    and the Unagi (eel) is my favorite. :)

    a pity. Genki Sushi at KLCC is now replaced by Sakae Sushi. I guess the food are pretty average, but what to expect when it's cheap. :D

  7. Thanks for visiting.
    For us it's a dream of a meal you here present.
    You know, we are fish lovers and live in Norway.

    Just right now we are very busy finnisihing the last details for the family Chr gathering. We will be 4 generations to the dinner.

    Have a happy Season. Our days here are slowinging beeing some minutes with more Sun

  8. I don't dine in Sushi King or any similar restaurants like them. I find the food not really authentic Japanese and the quality's not very good.

  9. @TorAa,
    Merry Christmas to you & your family.

    hard to find authentic restaurants with cheap price. :D though I agree the food may not be the best...

  10. I never fancied eating sushi at all or any Japanese foods. They are bile and mostly raw. I like Chinese foods. They are real gourmet.

    Just to say hello and Merry Christmas to all. Peace on earth.

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  11. Just dropped by via entrecard. The menu looks very chic & delicious. I would definitely visit the restaurant on my next trip to putrajaya.

  12. Haha! I don't think I'll fight for the sushi : ) Maybe the california rolls : )

  13. @Rolly,
    Merry Christmas to you too!

    hope you're not disappointed! :D

    u & MBL are both california rolls fan. :-)I'm not one myslef. I like to pop everything in my mouth one shot! LOL

  14. Hope and peace for this holiday season and for a fantastic 2009!

    Happy Holidays!

  15. @ECL & Mike Foster,
    you too!

  16. May I ask what is the benefit of having the sushi king membership?

    explain specifically please =)


  17. @Anon,
    I'm sorry? Do I know you to specifically answer your one and only question here?

    Why not check Sushi King's website or better still, call the cust svc. They are paid to answer you. I don't. ^^


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