Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Truly Green Car In Japan

Grass today, vegetables tomorrow?

Kak Lela, ever seen this guy driving around? :D


  1. salam hari raya qorban lina dan famili,

    No, I havent seen him passing around but he is staying in my area. Maybe one day I might.

    Japan is going all-out into the eco-friendly business.

  2. Wow...fancy growing your own greens on your car! Cool.

  3. @Kak Lela,
    It's good to hear - and the effort is not "hangat-hangat tahi ayam".

    Cool indeed. This is certainly thinking out of the box, kan?

  4. Vegetables would be a good idea.

  5. Lina, kat Jepun nih ada diaorang tanam padi dalam building lagi. tapi bukan sebab global warming la.

  6. @Leon,
    care for the environment plus your pocket too, by growing veges on your car. Can do your gardening when stuck in a jam too! :D

    padi planting in a building? Wow! That's something. Due to scarcity of land, I suppose? (Tapi, kita pun terer gaks. Bela ayam serama kat rumah flat pun pernah tau!) Wakaka

  7. What a great idea! How does he keep it trimmed!

  8. Hi Lina, I have seen houses in the UK with turf (grass) on the roof, apparently it works the same way but prevents heat loss in our cold winters!

  9. I like the concept. Why not do this in the whole world? Surely, it could change the global warming crisis.

  10. What!? Drive a car with grass growing on it!? That would be funny, weird.... the laughing stock of the neighbours, but I'll do it. :)

  11. Cannot grow vegetables on my car lah, later not only vegetables stolen, car also stolen. haha....

  12. @capybara,
    I guess by keeping the shears nearby at all time. :D

    my guess there are old house, right? Or do eco houses practice this too?

    @Bryan Karl,
    of course,people have to warm up to the idea first instead of it being a novelty.

    same here. All the vege sure kena pruned by other "helpful" people. LOL
    and die sure got talked about by the neighbours. :D

  13. Aiyo! Grow vegetables on car is a big NO for me! Will look too weird and people will say I'm a weirdo UNLESS everyone is doing it! : )

  14. @foong,
    hahaha... true. I would be like you too, unless I am a billionaire and can revel in my eccentricities. :D
    But sometimes, it does take an oddball idea to change the world, don't you agree?
    Actually, growing stuff on top of one's car may be a good way to curb speeding on the road. Don't want all those weed flying about.


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