Friday, 30 January 2009

Bye Bye Our Beloved Sony T7, Hello Sony Ericsson K770i

We had this camera since 2006. It served us faithfully all these years and despite the availability of better cameras out there in the market, we didn't really plan on buying a new camera (well, except perhaps a new DSLR) to replace it because Zaini had said to buy one when we get to Japan (God knows when! Hahaha). After all, it is super compact and we can easily slip it in our pocket. Even the Sony Skinny T camera is not as thin as this T7!

Unfortunately, now I had to search for a new camera. Our camera got spoilt during the Chinese New Year holiday. I was trying to prevent Raimie's t-shirt from being swept away by the currents (we were playing at a waterfall) and forgot about the T7 nestled in my back pocket.

Bye T7. Thank you for all those memorable photos we took with you especially the thousands and thousands of Ultraman photos.

On a happier note, I decided to upgrade my phone and chuck my old Nokia 1600 (yes, really old phone) and got myself a Sony Ericsson K770i. Nothing fancy, but anything that can take photos and have 3G is a step up for me! And paying just RM600+ for it, I'll have extra $$$ to splurge on other important stuff like shoes!


  1. Sorry to hear about your camera getting spoilt! Well, maybe you need incident like this to force you to get a new handphone! LOL! I also like to get a new camera cos my SE C902 don't actually take very good photos, especially in dim lightings. I was thinking of getting a DSLR camera but I just think it's too bulky and hassle for me to carry around! I don't want to look like a photographer! : )

  2. @foong,
    on the contrary, I want to look like a photographer! LOL

  3. I must say I prefer a DSLR, particularly with a digital zoom. Although bulky the picture quality takes some beating.

    My current Fujifinpix S5000 although not a true DSLR produces some great results.

    I don't know about cost in Malaysia/Japan but in the UK its £500-600 for a mid range DSLR!

  4. @The TEFL Don,
    time £500-600 by 5 and you get entry level DSLR in Ringgit Malaysia!

    Seeing that I'm such a sucker for anything with the Sony brand name, I'd probably get myself a Sony DSLR too.

  5. Sorry to hear about your T7...well, now you've got yourself a brand new K770i! :)

  6. sorry to hear abt ur 'baby'.

    personally, there r 3 basic criteria that i'll consider in these gadgets which include features, price and design. more importantly, it has 2b user friendly.

  7. i'm encountering probs with EC again. can't drop at all.

  8. this post reminds me I also need to upgrade my old junk of a cellphone.

    There is a spanking new 3g network here as well, I should take advantage of it

  9. @Life Ramblings,
    all 3 criterias are definitely important. Can you drop today? I haven't encountered any problem dropping but I did read some blogs complaining.

    So, are you upgrading one soon? :)
    I initially thought of buying a Wi-Fi enabled phone but decided against it at the time being. Cost is a factor as that feature would not be a need as much as an extra.


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