Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Dip In Ice Water At New Year's Ablution Ceremony

Despite temperatures of 48 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) participants splashed themselves with the icy water in a ceremony to cleanse the mind and body ready for the new year.

The Shinto religion places great importance on cleansing the mind and body with clean water and bathing in cold water, or standing under waterfalls is a traditional Shinto purification rite(several movies and anime about a hero meditating under the cold waterfalls come to mind. Heh Heh).

The ceremony allows them to purify themselves, to start adult life with a clean slate and to face the challenges of a grown up's life head on.

Well, hope these guys have a good year!


  1. Hello, im your regular EC dropper here, but its kind of weird bec your site is not showing your EC badge anymore.. I've experienced this glitch since yesterday. Do you know about this issue?

  2. Yeah hope this guy can stand as a clean adult for a longer period before got washed again..:-)

  3. brrrr.... it is too cold for me. I'll probably freeze to death! :P

  4. Have a great start to a new week! :)

  5. I just hope they don't also start the new year with pneumonia! :p

  6. @Umma,
    no problem for me. Don't know others experienced the same thing as you do. Anyone?

    Well, Japanese loves their baths (just not the morning one. LOL)

  7. @ECL,
    hahaha... I don't envy them braving the cold water.
    Have a great week ahead too! :)

    Yes, that's not a good way to start the year - by staying in a Hospital!

  8. @Jamaipanese,
    No problem of freezing water there, right? :-)
    Hope you'll have a great year ahead.

  9. oooh, i don't have the guts to experience such baths.

  10. Shinto by itself is already intriguing - I never understood much of what its belief is anyway. But yeah the Japanese definitely like these ritual baths and also the hot springs! Gosh it's like every single corner of Japan has these :D

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    me neither. :D

    which made it more interesting for foreigners to know more about Japan and its culture, don't you think?

  12. Wow! Won't they get sick bathing in that ice cold water?

  13. Curiously, there's this thing about purification and torturing oneself. And yes, bathing in sub-zero temp water would constitute as torture. :)

    A subculture in India requires walking through fire and some (really) orthodox Catholics induce pain with spikes.. the list just goes on and on.

    Well, at least the Japanese are having a bath!

  14. @foong,
    I sure hope not!

    hahaha... yes, at least they bath! (not to mention they are mostly the same height level as us, so even if they don't, we won't have to be nose level with their armpits!) LOL


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