Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Getting Your Travel Information

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I must admit, without the internet, I would've been stuck travelling in a tour group. The ease of finding information online had been a big plus point especially for travelling in Japan because there are plenty on information; be it from official websites or blogs for us travellers to pore over.

Truthfully, I find it easier to find information on Japan even for its remotest area compared to finding info on Malaysia! Heck, even the KLIA's website is not much help for travellers.

We do have a couple travel guide books for reference too, the first travel guide book we bought for our travel in Japan was Insight Pocket Guide Tokyo which had an excellent map of Tokyo and transport map. For our first trip to Japan (Tokyo, to be exact) in 2002, we stayed true to that guide book and make effort to visit every single attraction mentioned in there (yeah, very tourist of us. LOL) We also found a wealth of information from Tokyoessentials.com and TCVB, especially the part on free attractions.

Of course, with every other subsequent trips to Japan, we found ourselves relying less on guide books but more on the internet especially Forums. You won't find information about Ultramanland in a guide book, that I can say! But we do need to pore over the map to check out which destination are covered by JR trains if we bought JR passes. I also got information from some nice people on a few travel forums and they provided us with some great information.

What about you? Do you read guide books or get your information online or just come on an impulse and see where you would end up? Or a little bit of all of these? Are you rigid with your travel plan? I learn to be more flexible with our schedule with every single trip to Japan because we always feel that we'll return to Japan again soon, so we were able to take things easy on our trips and not try to cram everything in a single trip.

BTW, I need to start afresh - need to look for information on Korea and I really don't know where to start. The beauty of going to Japan year in, year out was that it had become so familiar it was just a matter of deciding and finding what new stuff to do (like friends said, its like "balik kampung" or going back to hometown for us LOL if only this is true). With a new place and country, starting from scratch is a bit daunting for me especially since both Zaini and Raimie do not share the same enthusiasm about Korea as me! (I am the only one in the family who watches Korean shows)


  1. salam lina,

    when u tour korea, dont forget send me some of those spicy korean kim-chee.
    Those that are so spicy, so sour and so much vege and so healthy. You can go wild with kim-chee in korea.

    Not thinking of Okinawa?

  2. don't forget: brooches, kimchi, bibimbap, silk...n the list goes on...the peoples are more children "friendly" compare to japanese...huhu...

  3. @Kak Lela,
    had to forget about Japan for a while. Recession had hit us - no bonus for Zaini this year. sob sob Korean seems more affordable.

    If we ever make it to Korea, we'll send over some of those super spicy & sour kimchi!

    OK doke!

  4. hey!
    i agree, it is painful to try to find information on a lot of things Malaysia, in the WWW. For example, the KLIA and MAS website (as far as I've encountered) kept crashing down. And the numerous times I tried to find information, say, on Rakan Muda Award or something..none whatsoever.. =.=

  5. @nurin-k,
    tell me about it. I've stopped looking for info about holidaying in Malaysia a long time ago. Even entering the official tourism website is a waste of time. A pity.

  6. Hmmm...interesting, are you planning to travel to Korea? If so, there may be some websites like Lonely Planet that can provide an insight for a start.


    Personally I think Seoul's palaces and temples are interesting (I've never been there before), but that's just me, I like historical sites :)

  7. I much prefer researching online than using a guidebook...don't know why. But on most trips overseas (non-English speaking countries), I usually book a tour. Somehow, it feels safer/convenient to travel in an organised tour rather than on my own to those places. If language's a problem...I may have problems finding my way around.

  8. @Jim,
    at the moment, it's just talk. No actual planning done yet. I've been wanting to go to Korea ever since I got hooked on 2 days 1 night show. :D

    I think if we decided to go to an exotic place, we might need the help of a guide (as opposed to travelling in a group tour) otherwise, like you said, getting and finding our way around might be a problem.

  9. I'm a bit of all three traveller. I like to have a loose plan, but with plenty of time to explore and divert in between.

  10. I read from Lonely Planet books from the library instead! And from wikipedia and online lonely planet etc. But i think lonely planet books are the best. I just read on Tokyo! I so wanna go there. :((((

  11. I loves Korea too...and hoping that we will be able to go there one day...)))))

  12. @Melanie,
    I'm like you too.
    How's the moving plan progressing?

    I myself like the Insight Guide books.

    You guys are so near to Korea, can go anytime. :D


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