Saturday, 31 January 2009

Japanese - Go Off From Work Early And Make Babies!

Japanese companies (in this case, Canon) are urging their workaholic employees to turn off their laptops, go home early and make babies.

Even though it takes more than getting home early to make babies (heh!), this is a good start, don't you agree?


  1. Emphatic yes, cost of living and sex drive are great turnoffs in Japanese families. :P

  2. Let me say as a Japanese woman who is working and taking care's almost impossible for us to have babies without givingup job.
    I was luckey because my husband's parents lived near our house and took care of my daughters when they got sick or in case I had to work later...
    If women didn't have such persons who took care their kids except for their husbands, they could never continue to work.It's also big reasons that birth rate goes down, I think.

  3. Hey hi,... i am Ramya from India i saw your name in one of my friend's list and i also found your blog i have added your link to my Blog,i hope you will also add my name to urs Blog and share ur ideas and experiences with me.And see you in next post bye...

  4. @Jim,
    one of the hazards of living in a city, I'm afraid.

    Having a support system (in your case, your hubby's family) is very important otherwise I do agree that couples might be deterred into planning/having a family.

  5. I have to bring my baby son with me to business meetings. :( It is crucial to have parents or in-laws to help out.

    When my son has kids, I'm prepared to look after them. :)

  6. @ECL,
    Grandma ECL. You'd be one hip grandma, that I can say! :-) Yes, for us who have in-law/parents to help out, we are indeed lucky. Otherwise, its' either the babysitters, nurseries or maids who will look after our kids.


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