Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lunch At Sushi Zanmai

After returning from Raimie's school orientation session, we headed off to the Gardens Mall. The choice to come to Gardens was because it was raining on Saturday and we didn't want to do our furniture shopping and get wet every time we got off the car to check out the furniture shops in Jalan Klang Lama.

But then, we got stuck in a jam at Mid Valley car park for half an hour because the car park up to Level 3 was full and despite it being half past noon, the season pass area (at level 4 and above) was not yet opened to public even though it was suppose to at 12pm!

Imagine being yelled at by the late staff who supposed to do his job because we customers (who made a din by honking) got irate for not being able to move our car even an inch! (Yeah, that's service, Malaysian style) Hmph!

Ok, back to food.

This was our second time to Sushi Zanmai. We first went to Sushi Zanmai in Gardens when it was just opened, and we were not that impressed with the outlet at all at that time. Slow service, lukewarm tea, limited choice on the revolving belt, etc, etc.

I was actually intrigued enough to return for another visit because I always see long queues at their outlets (be it at Gardens, One Utama or Sunway Pyramid). Lucky for us, we didn't have to queue for long for our table this time.

I was really impressed with Sushi Zanmai. Efficient service and excellent food. The price are quite affordable with the price starting from RM1.60 for the beige plate to RM6.00 for the red plate (not that expensive, right?). Plenty of choices on the a-la carte menu too.

Some of the food we ate. My favourite was that ball of salmon topped with generous amount of mayonnaise. (Don't know the name - anyone can enlighten me?). Heaven at RM4.80 a plate. :-) There were so many interesting stuff to try, I didn't even bother eat the unagi Zaini took (the one in the background).

Raimie enjoying his choice, Ebit (prawn) maki topped with bonito flakes. Yummy!

Any place that served decent gari (pickled ginger) have my vote of confidence. I love them!

Posing for photo. Can't put on a decent smile because my mouth was full of food. You don't want to see what I was eating, do you?

Got to save RM10 because of this voucher, which can be used for bills above RM50. We got this voucher from Panora; a free Japanese magazine available at Jusco and Isetan. There are discount vouchers for other Super Sushi outlets too in there.

If you guys want to save a bit of cash before deciding where to go for your Japanese food fix, you may want to check out the magazine and cut out the coupons inside.

A return visit is definitely on the cards. :-)


  1. Looks I miss sushi..

  2. IIRC that sushi dish might be called Ebiko Mayo Salmon Sushi - ebiko for the prawn roe on top of it.

  3. @ZoopsNook,
    No Japanese outlet near your place?
    It was yummy, the photos didn't do justice. :D

    thanks for the info! :-)

  4. I have dined at sushi zanmai couple of times and I like their food :)

  5. emmm it looks so good...I love sushi great blog thanks for stopping by our blog grammology. I'll be back to yours..

    Dorothy from grammology

  6. You truly love Japanese food! You eat it every week! :)

  7. looks yummy, i'll have some now please :D

  8. Sushi! I love salmon! They are tender and yummy! =)

  9. @MBL,
    if only the queues are not that long, I'd be visiting the place more often in future.

    thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do visit your blog often, and I'll try to comment more next time. :D

    hahaha. Only in cheap places lah. Cannot go eat at Japanese fine dining place. But yes, the three of us love Japanese food. :-)

  10. @Life Rambling,
    tempting enough to have a try? :-)

    sure. Come on over and I'll treat you to lunch there. :D

    me too!

  11. I always experience traffic jam and lack of parking spaces in MidValley! Now I only go there early about 10am or don't go there at all! Haha! Oh, thanks for sharing about the magazine - must go get it! : )

  12. @foong,
    yeah, parking is always a nightmare at Midvalley especially now that they cordoned off the upper area for season pass holders.
    That magazine was a fun one to browse too, apart from their coupons even if you don't understand Japanese. :-)


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