Friday, 2 January 2009

More Ultraman Stuff - School Bag and Stationeries

We bought his uniforms and shoes already but did not buy any new stationeries or school bag yet. He won quite a few bags, colour pencils, crayon and stuff during kindergarten because his teacher was always putting his name in for contests and school performances so I think we'll probably get by not buying any new stuff for the time being.

Of course, that doesn't stop us from looking at stuff once we got to the mall especially if it comes in form of Ultraman!

Ultraman school bag at RM89.90. At least they're cheaper than the Ben-10 bag that we had wanted to buy for Raimie. Those Ben-10 school bag was RM109.90! But of course, all the cool kids would've a Ben-10 bags. Huhuhu

Raimie looking at Ultraman stationeries

Had to say goodbye to Raimie's long floppy hair of his (that I adore so much, but most people said it makes him look girly ) is definitely not tolerated in school. Bye cute hair, Hello crew cut hair.


  1. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year!

    Health and much prosperity to you in 2009!

    Fitness Diva

  2. Happy New Year! Nowadays kids' bags are really expensive. More expensive than my working bag! =/

  3. @Fitness Diva,
    Thanks for the wish. Hope you enjoy good health and wealth this year too!

    Indeed. My handbag cost about the same as these kids schoolbag!

    Thanks. You too!

  4. Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and amazing 2009!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year!! The current craze's Ben 10...had no idea what's it about until my sis mentioned it (she's got kids you see)..hehhe

  6. @Mike,
    Thanks. Same to you too. :-)

    hahaha..b'coz u don't have kids, that's why not updated. LOL
    Man, my son even has one of those omnitrix to play with (pretend to be Ben-10) Hahaha

  7. Ben 10? What's that? Sorry not into children's bag! LOL. Oh, bye bye to Raimie's long hair. Actually crew cut also nice : )

  8. Raimie's going back to school too? :)I wonder how he looks after his haircut. :)

  9. @foong,
    the latest cartoon craze on TV, that's what. :-)

    Still cool. LOL. But can see his big ears now that his hair is shorter. :D


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