Saturday, 10 January 2009

Omiyage / Souvenirs From Japan?

For those who had visited Japan, what type of souvenirs do you get for yourself, your friends and family?

The first couple of times, we tried to get special souvenirs for people we care about like traditional dolls, purses, fans, etc but it turned out some of them didn't really appreciate the stuff that we bought. We do try not to buy anything that are religiously linked souvenirs (those at temples, etc) either.

Actually, people got more excited at Disneyland merchandise than the traditional Japanese craft items.

The mochi, biscuits, confectioneries, and whatnot that were sold at every town, station, temples and souvenir shop - most people we gave those said that they were too sweet.

(Hmmm... maybe we just have fussy relatives and friends but in hindsight, maybe they didn't want us to spend so much money on those souvenirs)

Nowadays, we've pretty much decided that the best souvenirs to buy are key-chains and mobile phone straps and the occasional charms for non-muslim friends. And they don't cost that much too & fit easily in our luggage! (Well, actually they were not that cheap because even a 350yen key chain is actually RM13 at current rate).

For myself? I'd like to get some nice green tea and teapots (I do so love teapots, the cheap ones not the Noritake types or the likes of it! Can't afford them) to bring back home.

Raimie of course loves Ultraman.

Zaini loves gadgets and games that he can get cheaper there than in Malaysia.

Arts and crafts? We are philistines, I'm afraid. Don't know much about art so we stayed away from acquiring them. I do love ukiyo-e art and lacquerware but buying them will put a dent to my pocket.

What do you think are perfect (and affordable) Japanese souvenirs?


  1. We usually wait until the airport to pick up the boxed sweets filled with red bean. They probably cost more, but it's more convenient.

  2. salam lina,

    how about kitty chan cotton bag from Daiso. Its handy and only on sale in Japan.

  3. @AVCr8teur,
    true, you eliminate the need to lug the stuff around during the trip. Good idea!

    @Kak Lela,
    another good idea. :-) (and affordable too) I'll keep your suggestion in mind.


  4. I prefer key-chain and keitai straps...
    dan jugak dulang kayu jepun....

  5. i'd like to get myself some scarves from japan at affordable prices. they are lightweight and ez to pack.

  6. @Su,
    dulang kayu Jepun... menarik tu.

    @Life Ramblings,
    they do have nice scarfes, don't they?
    But the one I like tend to be expensive. LOL

  7. japanese snacks are the best i think. Theres a show i watched on singapore tv, they went tokyo buy cheap things. 1 place i forgot where has a big store that sells wholesale japanese snacks.

    And theres one place 1 hr from tokyo. Called Gotemba Premium Outlets. A place that sells branded stuffs at factory outlet prices. The place has lots of brands!

  8. @Guan,
    Branded stuff for our own souvenir would be nice but can't afford them for others! :D

  9. how about little knick-knacks at a 100yen store? they're usually stocked with something for everyone you know, and they're cheap. :P

  10. @miss igorota,
    yes, those 100 yen shops are the best. I especially love to shop at Daiso. :-)
    I bought a lot of cups, teapot, plates, etc at Daiso to bring back home. :D

  11. I usually buy snacks and key chains. It's not easy to buy for friends and relatives. They are fussy.

  12. I used to spend time searching for cool or unique items as souvenirs. But receivers just don't appreciate what I have chosen. :(

  13. @ECL,
    you and I both have fussy friends and relatives. LOL
    Sometimes I wonder why I make the effort when they don't really show much appreciation. (I'm talking about my sisters here!) :D


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