Sunday, 15 February 2009

Battle B Daman Figure - Cobalt Saber Fire #84

I promised Jim to put a photo of the finished B Daman figure. So, here they are. :-)

Proud to say the shooting marbles (two of them) are still around and have not resided in my vacuum yet. LOL. Raimie's been pretty careful of his latest toy, he doesn't even allow his friend to play with it!

Talking about friends, he seems to be quite popular at his school. A few of his Religious School mates popped by everyday to play his Ultraman Cards. Luckily, they are all nice kids, but seems like I do need to stock up on snacks for them too!

Some geeky info on Cobalt Saber Fire #84:

Series: Battle Zero 2 System
Type: Rubber Center Type Drive Core

It carries a marble with a rubber center stripe down the middle that improves its Speed and Attack Range. The attack data for this Drive Core based on a 5 star scale:
    Power Data
  • Weight :: 1 Star
  • Speed :: 4 Stars
  • Power :: 2 Stars
  • Attack Distance :: 4 Stars
  • Attack Range :: 2 Stars
    Parts Compatability Checklist
  • Zero 2 System B-Daman (from #67 and after) Armor Parts.
  • Other than the ones listed below, Zero System B-Daman (#25-64) Armor Parts
  • 27, 44 DHB Armor
  • 28 Proto One Armor :: 43 General One Barrel
  • 31 Explosive Blue Dragon :: 58 Shadow Buster Armor Barrel
  • 32 Yoku e Maru Chest Armor Parts
  • 34 Blood Kaiser :: 51 Wing Kaiser Buckle
  • 47 Helio Breaker Powerarm
  • 50 Ho o Maru Foot Guard
  • 57 Shield Giga Barrel
  • 64 Dragon Gale Barrel
  • 59, 60 Super DHB Armor
  • Battle B-Daman Series Parts
  • Super B-Daman Series Parts


  1. Nice! If I understand correctly the figure can shoot marbles? :D

    What's more interesting is the specifications, I somehow wished I understood what they stood for. Nevertheless thank you so much for fulfilling my request XDD

  2. Kids have the coolest toys and gadgets these days eh! :)

  3. @Jim,
    yup, You understand right. :-) There are many different marbles with many different shooting power & accuracy, hence the star ratings. I guess you need to watch it to make any sense of the specs. :D

    @Mei Teng,
    True. I remember I used to play with just marbles (main guli) back in the days. No fancy gadget to shoot & pangkah opponents' marbles. LOL

  4. How long does it take for him to assemble this!?
    Looks complicated to Aunty here. haha....

  5. @Aunty ECL,
    it wasn't Raimie who assembled it. It was Papa who did it because Papa is a stickler to order so he won't let Raimie mess around with it! LOL

  6. I thought this toy is for Raimie? He should be the one who assemble it! Why adult take over pulak? LOL! When I was small, I have simple toys only, not so sophisticated! So lucky kids nowadays! : )

  7. @foong,
    the adults cannot control themselves. LOL
    When I was small, all my toys were from Pasar Malam! :D

  8. B-daman are awesome. I got Revolver Hades coming from the UK.


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