Monday, 16 February 2009

A Belated Valentine's News From Japan

Baby bull is a perfect Valentine gift?

An appeal has been made in Japan to save a baby "Valentine" bull born with a heart-shaped pattern on his forehead from the butcher's shop. The two-week-old calf, named "Ha-chan" after the word "heart," was born at a dairy farm 40 kilometres from Tokyo. The farmer noticed the clear, love-heart-shaped pattern on the forehead the morning after he was born. He's now a local celebrity but if no-one can give him a home he will have to be sold for meat.


  1. Born with the sign of love? I hope he's saved from the butcher.

  2. Lucky calf!!
    Hope he is saved from being slaughtered!

  3. Oh gawd, how adorable! And what a coincidence on the year of the MooMoo XD

  4. @MT< ECL & Jim,
    He is an adorable calf. Hope someone will adopt him!

  5. this is so pathetic, i hope he's saved from being axed.

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    I sure hope so too. Maybe he can be a mascot? :D


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