Thursday, 5 February 2009

Discount Bentos At Jusco

We went for a a bit of bowling a few weeks ago and didn't notice the time. After the game ended at about 9.30pm, we went around looking for a place to eat, and most outlet - the food courts & our usual haunt - were already preparing to close. In the end, we decided to try our luck scouring for food at Jusco's supermarket area.

Lucky for us, there were some decent bentos still available and what more, they were all sold at half price. Quite a few people were jostling and grabbing all those half priced bentos.

Each of us grabbed a bento and after buying some groceries (just love when Jusco start putting those 50% stickers on chicken and meat), we were off home. Home for the time being is just 5 minutes away from Mid Valley.

I do miss the bentos (boxed lunch) sold in Japan. They are readily available and affordable too. I especially enjoyed trying out all those ekibens (train station boxed lunch), so much variety at each stop. Ekiben traditionally feature local specialties of the stations where they originated so if you ever go to Japan, don't forget to try the ekiben! Buying them are so easy, just point and pay!

Here are some old photos of our ekiben all of which we ate in the trains, but you are free to eat them anywhere you want if you buy one. :D

Now, it'll be great if I have the initiative to put together a nice bento for Raimie to bring to school each day.


  1. with such a nice bento, im sure raimie will eat more. Happy bento-ing :)

  2. @Life Ramblings,
    you are such an early bird! Congrats! :D

  3. Very very beautiful bento boxes, and secondly some bento stuffs are so beautifully arranged I don't think I want to eat them, just preserve them as eye-candy. Gosh :D

    If only Japanese restaurants weren't so expensive in Malaysia I'd be packing bentos everyday lol.

  4. @Jim,
    yes, they are artistically arranged, aren't they? We Malaysians should learn the art of food presentation from them!

    And I too would eat Japanese food everyday it's cheap. :-)

  5. Nice bento lunch boxes! I have never bought one from Jusco before..but with half price, sure hard to beat deal! :)

  6. I bought bentos in Jusco when I was in Kl a few months back. Not too bad for quick meals.

  7. @MBL,
    maybe you can try one if you happen to be at Jusco after 9pm! :D

    yeah, they're not too bad but they do cost more than an average packed meal bought at the food court.

  8. I have bought the bento meals at Jusco. They were quite good! Now you get me all hungry! : )

  9. @foong,
    make you hungry so late in the night, eh?

  10. emm looks yummy..

    Dorothy from grammology

  11. Those bento boxes look so good. Haven't visited the Japanese town here in US but I'm really looking forward so I could get some of my favorite bentos again.


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