Sunday, 8 February 2009

Food For The Weekend

It's been quite sometime since we last eat anything Japanese inspired home-cooked meal. Part of it was due to the laziness of the cook! Hahaha

Of course there's nothing Japanese about cocktail sausages and celery stick for breakfast (talk about combining healthy and not so healthy together. Hehe) But there's shichimi in that mayonnaise mix. Shichimi is a common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients. Both Zaini and I love this spice and we still have a packet bought in Japan for our use. Other Japanese thing in the photo - a Rilakkuma plate. All food were served on a Japanese table that we got as a wedding gift yonks ago.

Snack for the day - Nori or seaweed. Raimie loves munching these. Unfortunately, we don't buy this often because it is quite expensive. Which one do you like better - the Korean ones or the Japanese ones?
Raimie enjoying his nori as an after-dinner snack.

Dinner - Ikabatayaki (butter squid) and rice. Simple, right? Everyone enjoyed the dinner! Don't forget to put some shichimi on rice for an extra zing.

Raimie got reminiscent of Japan after the onslaught of Japanese inspired food yesterday, so he got out our photo albums and looked at our photos vacationing in Japan. He told me that he wanted to visit Disneyland again.

Not too sure when we'll be coming to Japan again, what with the exchange being so high. It's now 100yen = RM4! Gasp!

All of the above photos were taken with my SE 770i handphone and I'm not that happy with the outcome. Maybe I'm not good using the phone yet but I'm sorely wishing for a new camera now.


  1. salam lina,

    have u finished all furikake?

  2. I think it's funny that you're making Japanese food, and I'm making Mexican food. Everyone wants what they don't have!

  3. @Kak Lela,
    there's a couple left. Sayang nak habiskan cepat. :D

    You're right. Hope you enjoyed your Mexican food. :-)

  4. Funny how Raimie would get reminiscent of Japan just because you cooked Japanese food. I think it's confirmed he's a Japanese in his past life. Haha!

    I don't think it's because of you that the photos turned put like that. I think the camera phone is not that good! Even my C902 which is a Cyber-shot phone also do not take very good quality photos. I still think camera phone cannot rival real camera just yet. So quick, get a real camera! : )

  5. You have been taking photos with your camera phone all these while!?

    Invest in a camera. It's worth it especially when you have a cute boy. ;)

  6. @foong,
    If I believe in reincarnation, I would think so too! LOL

    only for these past weeks. My old camera met with Ms Water and never recover since. I know I simply have to find a new one soon!

  7. Looks like a great weekend spread and I love seaweed. They say eating wakame's good for health.

  8. I like shichimi too, and somehow I feel japanese seaweed tastes better than the korean ones. Korean ones feel very fake (even granted, I've a fetish for things Korean lol).

    Why not visit Korea lol? 1000 KRW = RM 2.60, not as expensive as Japan la, but still expensive XD

  9. @MBL,
    thanks. :)

    wow, the exchange is not bad, expensive yes, but not abhorrently expensive compared to going to Japan or Europe! :) Thanks for the info!

  10. I would have some of whats in the first pic for breakfast right now

  11. it's my usual practice to cook almost every weekend but i'm not exactly a star in the kitchen. :)

    i prefer japanese seaweeds to koreans. the korean ones can be salty.

  12. @Jamaipanese,
    only some? :D

    @Life Ramblings,
    Me too! (Both the weekend cooking and the Japanese seaweed). I think Japanese seaweed is more flavourful than the salty Korean ones. :-)

  13. I definately love the Korean seaweed the best (I love salt). I can munch on it like potato chips, and did the other day. Mind you, I I don't think my doctor would have been pleased, it didn't really fit into my low-salt diet he wants me on....

    To be honest, I'm hoping the yen stays as strong as it is now for a couple more months - we're taking yen back to Australia.

  14. @Melanie,
    for those returning from Japan, the strong yen is a bonus but people coming to Japan, we are suffering from it! LOL

    Hope you stay on track with you low-salt diet. :-)

  15. I love japanese foods! Yummy!


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