Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Gimbap For Dinner

OK, gimbap is actually a Korean dish but I think from now on, I'll lump anything Korean here too. Bear with me, people.

Gimbap is similar to to the Japanese futomaki style makisushi in preparation but with different ingredients. It is generally served cold.

Its primary ingredients are bap (rice) and kim/gim (sheets of dried seaweed/nori) with the addition of items such as sauteed beef, sausage, ham, fish cake and vegetables such as spinach, cucumbers, carrots and pickled daikon and lightly seasoned with salt and sesame oil.

On Monday, Zaini and I (sans Raimie who was at home) went to Food Gardens at the Gardens Mall for dinner. We had no plans in eating Korean that day (Korean food is equally expensive as Japanese food here), having decided to eat chicken rice instead.

We were happily chowing down our dinner when the lady Korean Food Stall owner with one of her staff came to our table with a plate of gimbap and two bowls of Dengjang Chigae (Korean miso soup). She said it was because she felt bad having mixed up punching my order the Friday before and had been waiting for me to drop by since then!

As we're already almost full, she enquired whether we'd like to packed the gimbap for "Baby". ("Baby" was her nickname for Raimie which pisses him to no end when hearing it. LOL) I kind of felt guilty accepting the complimentary gimbap.

So, here's the free gimbap for Raimie's dinner on Monday that we "tapau-ed" (packed to-go). He shared it with one of his friends who happened to be at home, playing his Nintendo DS game.

Now I have to add one more thing to my to-do list. Learn Korean! The nice Korean lady wasn't exactly conversant in English. I can't really understand what she was saying and I doubt if she understands me! At least I want to learn to say Yes, Thank you and You're Welcome. Jim, can help or not?


  1. Oh, that Korean lady! She really gives good service, doesn't she? I ate at Food Gardens a few weeks back and also stopped by the Korean food stall.

    Don't remember what I ate but it was very spicy! The Korean lady told me it was not that spicy, but I found it very spicy. Didn't know the Koreans could eat so spicy.

    But anyway, it's nice of her to give you the complimentary gimbap. You must be a frequent diner there otherwise how she remembers you?

    I think she really goes all out to serve and please her customers. It's no wonder her stall gets the most customers compared to others.

    Maybe I should go more often. Who knows, next time she also give me some complimentary dishes? Hehe.

  2. @foong,
    I think she remembers me because I once told her that her menu was more expensive than the one at Food Junction. LOL
    But yes, she gives excellent service. Always give me a smile and a bow everytime I passes by. And she'll send your order right to your table too!

  3. Lol, here's some phrases you could use.

    Yes = "Ye"
    No = "A-ni-o"
    Thank you = "Kam-sa-ham-ni-da"
    You're welcome = "Kwen-cha-na-yo" (literally "It's ok")

    (Pronounce like bahasa baku lol)

    This korean lady is really sweet, such personal service is very very rare in any place. She even remembered you until now! IMO she's very cool la. :D

  4. That's really nice of her. Good customer service. :)

    I love Korean food too. And yes, it is expensive. I try to buy the Korean ingredients at a Korean mart and cook the dishes myself.

  5. I learnt Korean when there was the Korean drama craze. Now forget already. haha....

  6. @Jim,
    OK. Will try to remember. Hard a bit lor, old oredi. LOL
    Always hear the lady saying Thanks in Korean but don't know how to answer back. :)

    I don't like Korean dramas. Too sappy. Winter Sonata & Hotel used to be a huge hit here, but I hate them! :D
    But I love their silly game shows.

  7. I have tried the Korean version of sushi before but I still love my Japanese sushi.

  8. I tried this before, in a Korean restaurant in London. Didnn't really enjoy it the cost made me choke!

  9. gimbap nih like sushi kan?..nak try la..oishiso...

  10. @MT,
    truthfully, I haven't eaten one yet myself. Bought it once for Raimie at the same stall after picking him up from school on his first week of Standard One and he seems to like it. I guess the nice Lady remembered that. :)

    Was it that expensive? Maybe if you choke, they give them for free to you. Just kidding! :D

    aaa, lebih kurang tapi ingredients dia dah masak as opposed to raw. Teringat dulu Ummi ada buat post pasal buat bibimbap. Jom suh dia buat utk kita jom! Hehehe

  11. Oh, good thing you asked JL. I also want to remember those few phrases so can impress the Korean lady so next time she'll give me some free dish. LOL!

  12. i agree with Mei Teng. i prefer sushi over gimbap.

  13. Looks Great. Haven't tried any Korean Foods yet. I think I don't have enough money to buy

    Anyway I want to try it someday. So I should remember the dish "gimbap". :D.



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